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Sunday, 29 March 2015


resistance from 1200 and green Gann line...a clean break above 1200 is needed to turn more bullish

Andrea Callisano


Saturday, 28 March 2015

from Andrew Lais' public list at Stockcharts


this is the Dow futs chart I posted in early March
it is interesting there was a very bullish white candle on the 18th ,that saw no followthrough (another 7 day rally) and reversed quickly back below 18000 then we got a huge red candle on wednesday


DBA (soft commodities/agriculture index) - I posted a chart a week or two back,showing half the high support at 21.75
I had a closer look at the chart which emphasises possible support coming in from Gann's square of 144,both in price and time
The 2008 high was 43.5,in February...........43.2 is 3 x 14.4 and it may be a 7 year down cycle