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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dow 90 weeks,3600 points

The weekly fib counts are also interesting on this.The closing low in July 2010 was 9686 Add 3600= 13286.the low to high 44 week cycle is balanced by the 44 (actually 45) week time span to the recent high.So significant cycles are present but we need a reversal to confirm.


  1. Hey there buddy. It looks like you were more right than I was about the Aussie. 11 hours ago you said it looked like it was headed lower. I agreed with you but anticipated a bounce first. You win that round. That's why I'm on your team, lol.
    Aussie Dollar

  2. Thanks AR I just liked the look of the daily candles chart and the triple top at 10800,which is a Gann number