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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Time to sell ?

I am unable to post charts due to technical problems.We hit 7850 on the Dax on Friday,which was a Gann target ( see earlier posts) and we have a 45 trading day/ 900 point Gann cycle in play. 7882 was actually the upper band of targets,33.3% from the 5913 low,7850 was the mean.I am inclined to say we should sell here as the message from other markets is also in synch. Eg the Spx hit 1503 which is range equality for the 1343 to 1448 move,measured from  1398. I posted 900 as a target for the Russell a few weeks back.Obviously the safer play is to wait for a reversal candle and we do not have one yet. we are clearly in some kind of blow-off move and it is always possible we could extend further so I am not advocating all-out abandon :-). Joanne Klein has some very nice charts on P5 of her public list and you could do worse than watch the 60 min chart of the Spx for a sell signal such as a break of her BC line and perhaps even wait for a lower high,Gann's safest place to sell. Ron Walker's charts (chartpatterntrader) are always good to monitor too.eg watch for a bear cross of the ema's on his 30 or 60 min charts.For Ftse I am thinking it should be tough to sustain levels over 6250 (Murray math) and maybe wait for a clear reversal and close below this level.We bottomed at 5605 which was 20 points below the previous MM level of 5625.

 Good luck and I hope to be able to post charts again later in the week.

Edit     a reasonable sell trigger would be a bear cross of the 3 and 10 dema on the Dax chart I posted earlier this week

I would also commend the charts in Sqwii's free weekend update (link on my blog list)

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