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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

SPY/DIA 5 of 5 from Nov low ?

I know this breaks EW rules but no one else seems to know how to count it :-)  At any rate this last leg has 5 waves and we appear to be in 5 of 5 so reversal should be imminent


  1. yeeees, sweet cherry pie, Aunt Annie discovered that , considering the dynamics of put/call ratio and breadth indicator, also considering the ratio between w1 vs w 3 and determining the ratio w2 vs w4, w5 should end on spy somewhere between 157.2-158.2 (primary resistance pivot) and 160.8-161.2 (secondary pivot).

    now I'll rush make a hot tea cause I'm 85 years old and this cold outside and this snow really bothers me.

    Take care sweet cerry pie, thank you for updates offered by you ! :)

    Aunt Annie (sparkie nimble 85 years old option trader) :D

  2. this comment from Golden Nugget at Danerics - GN does know how to count :-)

    Golden Nugget Chartrambler • 9 minutes ago

    your X is right and that is all that matters. When your "Y" ( or "c" ) is complete, the bricks come tumbling down. There is a chance thast it is completing today if the last 5th wave up is a die tri. Today is FM and a cluster of Fib. trading days. We should see a reversal in trend 27th + or - 1 day....or night as the case may be.

  3. Oh dear! That hot , hot tea was great! :) It really kicked out the cold out of my old shakin' bones.
    I hope Mr. Golden Nugget knows what he's speaking :).
    Although I don't think he has eat my cherry pie to know what he's speaking :).
    So, Mr. Nugget, you are invited to eat my cherry pie! :)
    On SPX 500 my nimble old lady targets remain the fibo retracements from 1494.32 (0%) : 176.40% = 1570.20 .... or ... 200% = 1580.37.

    And if my old friend Bernanke flexes his monetary muscles we might even reach the next pivot in the area 1610-1614!

    I'll call young Bennie at me for some hot tea and some fruity pie and I'll ask him what's his opinion .... I'll share it with you, be sure! :)

    Aunt Annie (shakin' bones 85 years old nimble option trader).
    (why nimble? oh, yesterday I was long crude ...it worked ok...)

  4. hot tea and options....livin on the edge :-)