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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


...waiting for a decent signal....we had a sell signal last Thursday ,a strong reversal the next day and now two narrow range candles indicating decision.Astro is negative going forward and I am still looking for a turn lower but this is frustrating,as ever. A clear bear candle breaking the displaced MA would give a nice entry with close stop

astro from Sugarman (at Danerics)

One way or another the next few days should prove to be memorable. They are astrological powerhouses.
First, from the perspective of Earth (Geocentric), Neptune goes in direct motion at about 8:30 AM EST tomorrow morning. On June 6th when Neptune went into retrograde motion, Gold put in a major top around 1425 and descended the rest of the month down to the low around 1182. Then on the rally in August gold briefly exceeded that price, but could not close above it. Interesting gold put in a multi-month low close today going into this event. Also, Oil which is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter put in a new Multi-month low close today.
In the next 28 hours, 3 major transits will take place from the perspective of the Sun (Heliocentric). First, Jupiter will be exactly 90 degrees from Uranus (square aspect) on the ecliptic and later in the day Jupiter will be 180 degrees in opposition to Pluto. Considering it takes Jupiter 12 years, Uranus 84 years, and Pluto 248 years to go around the Sun respectively, to have these planets in such a negative dynamic at the same time is rather incredible. Not only that, but Mars will be exactly 90 degrees (square) to Saturn tomorrow evening around 8:30 PM EST. It takes Saturn 29 1/2 years and Mars 26 months to revolve around the Sun. To be in negative aspect to each other at basically the same time as the Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto T-square is incredible timing to this Astrologer. I already indicated that Jupiter is a co-ruler of Oil.
Geocentrically (as seen from Earth), on Friday Venus will be in the same degree (conjunct) as Pluto on the Ecliptic and Square Uranus. Venus rules money and Pluto rules debt. Amazing that this aspect is 1 year from the Stock Market low last November 16th which was the beginning of the last major wave up. One full revolution of the Earth cycle (full circle).
The above aspects may combine to create major reversals in the gold, oil, and financial markets. We will have to see!

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