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Saturday, 1 March 2014


Next week's candle should be interesting,Ideal for bears would be a reversal back below 1848

36 weeks is also 180 days 


  1. Oh Dear CR,

    Got one Fibonacci info for you, dear!
    On Monday, 03.March.2014 this bull market will make 5 years! (starting 02.March.2009) ... 5 years...5 ... Rings a fibonacci bell? :D?

    Yours, sweet Aunt Annie. :)

    p.s. one more little thing: at just 7-15 points above Friday's highest point reached by S&P 500 there's the long-term R line from October 2010 (before than nasty plunge of 2010) ... rings that another bell ? ;)
    I'll go now and make another tea, one of my famous already jasmine teas :) .... Oh! One more news dear! After my pretty cat, Pussy, died now I have another cat, a little boy called Dick!
    And yes! My Dick is so puffy and playful! Such a joy! :D!

  2. LOL ! yeah the 5 year cycle bears watching for sure.next week is bears' vest chance in along time I feel,lots of harmonics lining up