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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

S&P...a significant top at last ?

bearish twin towers pattern. Also a bearish TAS pattern (down 6 days up 14 with no new high,reversal) For now today's high is an important marker....bears look to be in with a chance


  1. yin yang 2 candle pattern there Fri and Mon, better seen on ES


    1. thn=anks JD....remind me againthe characteristics of a yin/yang patterm=n? i it the same as twin towers ?

  2. If bears can break under last Monday's low of 1850...I'll take this seriously...until then..it is nothing we've not seen a hundred times before.

    With Yellen tomorrow, the setup could easily be a major bear trap...only to quickly result in new highs.

  3. XLF seems to be leading and we have an evening star reversal confrmed.With luck we will get similar confirmation today on S&P
    The TAS is a strong pattern