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Monday, 22 September 2014

too dangerous to call a bottom but nice hammer,decent volume


  1. Defaulted as Ununpentium, element 115 is what some UFO researchers claim is their power source.
    Their claim is that you can bombard it with a proton and it transmutes to element 116, which
    Then decays, yielding manageable gravity waves plus a lot of energy that is converted 100% to electricity
    By their systems.

    Well whether that is true, we have now verified elements 114 and 116. More research will be needed
    To see if there is an island of stability at 115 or not.

    All of these need to be created here on earth by colliders, at the atomic level. Speculation is in other
    Parts of the galaxy/universe these heavy elements exist from the supernova explosion reactions.


    Head scratcher, 4 sure. Wile

  2. SILVER -- Sheeeet, Man. Grow some balls and call a bottom. LOL

    JC G/S over 60, obvious naked shorts, mines ready to cut back, BS Manip Everywhere.

    Whatcha waitin' for? GD Silver Platter? BJ from JL? he

    This range, from however lower it goes, is a GD SCREAMING BUY.

    Opinion stated. W GD eet!! Buy Phy or via paper Sprott.

    1. It was loose humor. Still holding off for one more buy. E116 futures too. ;)