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Friday 10 October 2014

markets lookng very vulnerable.I was expecting the Dax might find more support at 9000 but now suspect 8750 is on the cards.Ftse and Nikkei charts follow

and a Murrey Math chart of the Dax from Crop Circles (posted  at Danerics)

(comments by Crop Circles)
" DAX...trades in the frame from 0-10000. All markets, stocks, mutual funds, stocks, and commodities know they math. The yellow 1/8 and 7/8 horizontal/vertical lines will stall, turn or repel price 75% of the time. The 100% 8/8 line at 10000 turned price back hard and fast. Note the price action at the 50% 4/8 line 9375 as it follows the rules where we should expect the most support/resistance, gaps and drive thru price action for the frame we are set to."

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  1. Any news on Wanker's shit stock EXAS???
    +32.4% premarket at $24.00