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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Good weekly update from Sqwii



  1. More evidence GSC {III} ended in 2000 - Adam Hamilton -
    In today’s dollars, the last S&P 500 secular bull crested well above 2125 in March 2000. The best level weve seen in the Fed’s QE3 levitation is 2075, still well under that peak a whopping 14.7 years later. So the secular-bear sideways grind is very real. And while 14.7 years is a long time, it is considerably less than the full secular-bear duration of 17 years completing Long Valuation Waves. The secular bear still lives!

    1. While interesting, AH above has the secular Bear wrong. By my estimates we are looking at 66 years at the GSC {IV}wave level. We are 15 years into it. 17 Y must be several lower degrees. Doh! W

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