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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


  1. I can't help but believe this stock market is leveraged to oil. live chart http://www.cx-portal.com/wti/oil_en.html nitram

  2. Hey CR, that outlook now looks quite likely.

    The more interesting issue is .... what happens from 1900 though?

    A mere bounce to put in a lower high 2000/2050... or.... new highs into the spring?

    Have a good weekend

  3. Hi PD.....something like this maybe ?

  4. Well, if the 1850/25 zone is hit in Feb, then a giant H/S.... indeed

    Target downside for late spring would be the 1650/1575 zone...which would be pretty shocking.

    Hell, that'd even offer a hit of the lower monthly bollinger... which would be suggestive that we've seen the end of the wave from 2009.

    So... lets see how this wave goes.

    *I will note.... unlike October - a clear bear failure... the bears have achieved a bearish monthly closing.

    So.. from a pure technical perspective.. the situation IS different, and finally, after THREE years... momentum is actually swinging to the bears.

    Right now, a primary concern is the looming ECB QE-pomo program. Bears have a window... they need to whack this nonsense at least to 1920/00 within 2 weeks.