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Monday, 2 February 2015



  1. Well this is a bullish cycle week and so far it acted like it. I am back to mega bull until it fails. So, as long as today's low holds (it is an if until we get follow through), I think we run into the first week of April.

    Target Box is 2140-2250, with 2250 being optimal.

    Nobody knows the future.

    I will stop by if we break the low before that date.

    Take care CR and thanks for the charts.

  2. Kaboom. We are above the 2035 resistance now.


    As long as this condition persists, I personally would ride the bull train.

    I have 2/3 Long Term indicators back to megabull today.

    I would only flip away from megabull if we get a reversal now.

    See you in April.

    Peace, Omzzz....

  3. This could not have gone better.

    Here is what we are dealing with.


    Only with a break down would I stop on this.

  4. Thanks SJ. NYSE weekly candle looking bullish now and above the 25 wma....

  5. Yes. There are bearish cracks here to ponder. But it really does not matter until it stops doing mega bull. Feb. 5 week was bullish cycle low and last two days was powerful. Under mega bull we are in a wave 3 at two degrees and the rise trajectory is about to get even sharper.

    I just know the bear and bull scenarios and follow what it is presently doing. Flipping bullish yesterday was right. If it stops I will flip off the mega bull. Hasn't stopped. Oktober low and now this low are mega bull until bears come out.

    I don't care what it does, I just want to follow it whatever it does.