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Friday, 3 July 2015


current best guess for the Dax.I like 50% in price meeting 50% in time.I like 6 months up,3 down.I like spike and recover of 200 dma scenario....but only a guess

 it would be unusual for a further sharp decline to occur with the 200 dma rising so sharply (although it happened in 2011).....so volatility that allows the 200 to flatten out,may be required for this index...

edit here is another chart ,with Gann angles and a more refined price time target


  1. Hey Bro...

    HAPPY 4th of JULY JAMES!!!


    1. Happy 4th to you too Wags.....what exactly is it you guys are independent from ?........central banks ?


  2. Hi CR,
    Came across this Alex Collier who has extensive ET background leading into insight of the power structure on the globe. He speaks with a level of knowledge that comes across like he has been informed/MENTORED by ET's (he infers Andromeda n's at some stage in this presentation). Part of this involves humans coming into the stage of being mentored by an ET group and that these ET's are willing to meet human's half way on this.
    Make of it what you will but the guy certainly has lots of knowledge and I found it well worth listening to.

    Surprised this was made in 2012 and have not heard of this guy.

    Trust all is well. Markets tipped on the edge here as far as I can make out. One further wave up on the ASX IMO (Wave 5 of 5 of C as an ending diagonal) although the last wave is as messy as they come meaning it is anything but clear. The only thing clear is that the entire system is teetering on the edge.
    I hope the Greeks kick out the IMF and shut down their Central Bank just like Iceland and Hungary have done.
    All the best:-)


  3. Thanks JD.....I have heard of Alex Collier,though I cant remember where....i will check it out,thanks