It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. Henry Ford

Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. Benjamin Franklin

The idea that you know what is true is dangerous, for it keeps you imprisoned in the mind. It is when you do not know, that you are free to investigate. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Monday 6 June 2016

 http://www.safehaven.com/article/41625/you-are-here   The Fourth Turning

"The people are collectively revolting against the existing social order as they are finally realizing they have been used and abused by the ruling oligarchy as pawns in their game of world domination. The obscene wealth of the .1% has been absconded from the working class through abuse of the tax laws, trade deals, regulations, monetary policy, public school indoctrination, peddling of debt to the masses, and relentless propaganda. The systematic manipulation of the financial, monetary, political and commercial markets by the money masters has left the country like a mighty diseased, hollowed out, rotting oak tree - one storm away from collapsing and splintering into a thousand pieces. A gathering storm approaches.
The mood of the country has turned dark. The political parties are splintering. The elites in NYC, DC, and LA are appalled the peasants in flyover country are not following orders and voting for the hand-picked lackey candidates. If Clinton can avoid indictment, she'll represent the establishment versus the anti-establishment Trump in the upcoming election. The establishment is using the power of the press to try and discredit Trump and Sanders. It's failing. The mainstream media is now trusted and respected on par with Congress - lower than whale shit."


  1. I am confident there will be a major decline very, very shortly. Likely what we have all been waiting for. But timing it has always been the problem.

    Based largely on the DOW my view it is in a final wedge due to complete at the latest by close of trading Friday or early Monday. This means some big event is very likely to rear its head between now and over the weekend. Don't know what that *event* will be.

    Whatever it is, very slow, tepid, wedge like movement followed very likely by an explosion by latest Friday/early Monday is how it looks to me.

    1. So much for slow tepid movement. I thought the Banksters may sell to prolong time but what we got on the DOW was a good looking impulse or zigzag down followed by a very quick and high retracement. Could either be a failed fifth wave and it goes down hard from here or it finishes the zigzag up to slight new high for a third wave of the contracting diagonal.

      As usual, it is not clear. But still strongly viewing this as very near to major decline happening imminently (next session or pushed out sometime latest around Monday).

    2. Hi JD - nice bearish candles on Dax and Ftse today....Im thinking we continue down to late June

      18000 has been an interesting barrier for the Dow but so far it has always been able to bounce back

    3. ASX futures has gone down nicely as well. Similar to DAX. Monday is a holiday on the ASX so the Banksters played it tight until late Thursday then Friday when they sold so many were unwilling to place a large trade just before the long weekend. The ASX futures is down nicely now and has Monday to deal with as well which looks very dangerous on the US indices. Additionally, the Shanghai Composite has been closed since Thursday and reopens on Monday and needs to account for the US declines. I am viewing this as the impetus for Shanghai to ignite release downward from this huge 8 month long triangle. This is a major explosion waiting to unleash.

      The bounces in the DOW have all not reached above the declines that preceded them. This very strongly indicates a series of (1,2) and there has been four of them. Good setup for an explosion very shortly.

      In short, great setups for going short. Hopefully not rorted in some way yet again but I don't think there is capacity for that this time. It is too far entrenched over time having being rorted relentlessly already but still the bears are currently prevailing. We will see.

    4. My view, Monday will be a huge downward move globally. And the ASX is closed to cop a massive hit on Tuesday.

      Look at SPX futures. (1,2), (I,II), (i,ii) down.

    5. Brexit vote is June 23rd. ASX options expiry for month of June is also the 23rd. Market manipulation is the deceptive con to come put now to try and force a YES vote. I do not think, and seriously hope that the NO vote prevails.

      This is a fantastic shorting opportunity.

      Your views of going down into June are nice and clear from this perspective.

      Here is David Ickes view on the forthcoming Brixit referendum.


  2. Good, apt commentary re the fourth turning by the way. Amazing the planet has been reduced to such utter garbage. More amazing is the length of time it takes for the masses to wake up. Cloned PROLES like Wagner and Co, very largely to blame. They seriously imbalance the harmonic vibes needed for the creation of any new, positive change. Amazing such grotesque negativity in just one person can propagate such prolific disease.