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Sunday, 10 July 2016

here is a wave count for the Dow (posted in my comments section by Joy Division)


  1. In a normal year we may drop that much but look for the Fed to keep markets propped up during an election year, JMO

  2. FED has propped markets for decades and massively so since the first QE following March 2009. As a result, the prop has largely become the market and therefore the biggest Ponzi of all time - just waiting to blow.

    There are natural forces operating in the market and then there is the artificial prop. These natural forces can only prevail over the prop in my view. Could blow any time really, regardless of election cycles. Sentiment is the only thing that keeps it afloat. When sentiment changes to recognise how fake and house of cards the whole global thing is then it all starts to implode. Rapidly.


  3. Alternative DOW monthly where the cycle B wave expanded flat scenario is not complete, but just about to. Means there is about 205 DOW points to go.

    The final wave 5 of C is a wedge under this scenario and I will post a daily count of the wedge after this message.


  4. DOW daily that is the final ending contracting diagonal (wedge) that matches the monthly DOW count above where the Cycle B wave has not yet complete.