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Sunday 13 November 2016

did some Gann time calculations on the Dax
the decline from 12429 to 8690 in the Dax lasted 308 days,(just short of Gann's 45 weeks) If we rally 308 days off that low you get Dec 14
90 weeks from the high is Dec 30
If we rally for 6 months from the June 24 major low you get Dec 24
Dec 30 was the start of a fast decline 1 year ago
not sure I'd want to be long in January
a 61.8 price retrace of the decline comes in at 11000,the current high is 10826

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  1. some astro from Brad Gudgeon

    There are some worrisome astro aspects ahead, especially around November 18th going into around November 29th. Firstly, we have a super moon on Monday near the 3 week cycle top next week in Taurus in the second house of money. This should represent a topping area. It is also a Bradley turn.

    Secondly, as we approach OPEX (11/18), Mercury squares Neptune (dishonesty,chaos, New World Order [is this a conspiracy?]), then Neptune turns Stationary Direct on the 19th, which implies reversals of any attempt to rally. Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the November 23rd (fear). On the 24th of November (Thanksgiving), Jupiter squares Pluto (extremes, trouble, violence), then on the 25th Venus conjuncts Pluto (despair, destruction).

    The Mercury (communicating) trine Uranus aspect (rebellion) of November 26th, looks like an exhaustion of sorts, so we may open down hard on the 28th. Venus squares Uranus (love of money), this may be the bottom or close. It is also a Bradley turn. The moon moves into Capricorn and out of Sagittarius on December 1, so any selling should be gone by the second of December at the latest.