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Thursday 10 August 2017

Nasdaq wedge breaks ,this time for real


  1. There is more in this decline on the SPX and DOW. Still view it as a wave (4) retracement but larger degree than what the bullish bravados consider. On the SPX 2400 highly likely. Think it is more of a higher degree expanded flat that will find its way down to 2330 by roughly end August. So rather quick.

    Gold as per the XAU/USD has much room to still be able to get on board. Very good probability there is a good swift move coming up next week in a third of a third wave up. But still more after coming after a mildish retracement occurring around that 1380 area.


  2. The ASX and pretty well across the board Aussie stocks look down for most of the year. Many continuing down well onto next year. Whilst the SPX and DOW look more to be in a moderate degree wave 4 down at present the view of the ASX does not tell that story.