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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Spring Equinox

the 9 year anniversary of the 2007-9 bear market low did produce a sharp fall in the Dax early last week but it has clawed back most of the losses.I am keenly watching the Spring Equinox on Tuesday see is this has a further dampening impact
Generally people still seem to me  be too complacent and have been conditioned to buy the dips .....


  1. James... take a look at the background of Trump's new national security advisor, John Bolton.

    (apparently Trump tired of HR McMaster's boring DETAILED security briefings and felt that he was being talked down to. Given how Trump never reads any daily intelligence briefings or policy statements by his staff, this is not surprising).

    Bolton worked for Bush and was the architect of the Iraq War.

    He's also on record as having wanted to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities in 2015 as well as a pre-emptive strike on North Korea.

    He is a super HAWK.
    This is why Gold finally rallied strongly today.

    And here you thought Hillary was the WAR monger...


    1. Hi Wags.I never said I believed Trump was a good guy.He was just clearly a better choice than Clinton,who should be in jail.The tentacles of the Deep State are extensive and it was always naiive to think Trump was everything he said he was

    2. Ron Paul


  2. Hey CR hope things are ok.
    Same old same old at the swamp.
    Regarding DAX. Re. EWT counts ....an int term invalidation has occurred on the monthly. Previous 4th low at 11868 has been breached.
    Imo that leave just 2 long term counts left. 2009 bull over or the 5th from 11868 is sub-dividing and is presently downtrending in a wave 2. (8699-11868) fibs in play for a wave 2 low.
    Jmho.......regards New Horizon.

  3. Hi NH.I'm good thanks.TY for the comment.Hope you are well,
    Freeing oneself from the toxicity and arrogance that permeates danerics blog is quite liberating :-)