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Friday, 8 June 2018

Ftse futs weekly chart....pretty well perfect bear setup
this weeks candle is a doji. Last weeks was a hanging man,previous week was a bearish shooting star.Trendline break and false breakout are the operative patterns
So the setup is bearish against a close above this week's high,with possible downside a 38,50 or 61.8% retracement of the previous 1036 point upward range,maybe even more....


  1. Daneric has shut down comments on his last thread and not created any new thread.

    Looks possible after at least a decade the blog may be shut down. Closed. Enough is enough says Daneric. Early days but find out soon enough.

    Wagner will no longer come up or air if the blog shuts down.

  2. the end of an era,and not one Dan can feel proud of.Sad in so many ways,but necessary

    Wagner and scum like him will be lost without a platform to vent their narcissistic,malignant personalities against the world

  3. Fibo:

    I was out of town for a week, posted in the last thread a couple of times and was out all day yesterday. Did Dan make a comment/s before shutting the blog down?


  4. Correct. Lost soul who found Danerics as his only connection with the outside world. And all he chose to do for that privilege was work every hour of every day to spoil it with his very own malignancy.

    There is definitely some kind of change happening with Daneric. Maybe it is a cautionary test or maybe it is the final thing. As said above, we will know soon enough. The funny/weird thing is I think his wave count is about right and there is this small little fifth wave up to come before a final top is in. This is certainly possible. Probable in my view. Highly ironic that the blog lasted for over ten years with Daneric predominantly a bear and if the blog closes down now it may be happening just at the final top before implosion occurs.

    Maybe Daneric waits a little time for this little fifth wave to complete itself. When it starts going down he reopens the blog. Both the ASX and SPX/ES look to have a similar scenario with just a final fifth of fifth to play out. If that wave count proves incorrect maybe Daneric just leaves the blog shut down as it is would be too much of a haven for more of the same Wagner and Co. malignancy.