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Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. Benjamin Franklin

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Monday 10 February 2020


clustered measured moves  100% and 66.6%reinforce the significance of the resistance from the potential 2 year double top


  1. Hi CR,

    Hope all is well.

    Nice drop today which brings me to an overall view of the market post March 2009. There have been no major drops countering the major rise up in the market since March 2009. The Banksters taking commands from their ATONIST overlords are IMO highly likely to drop the market now to buy time by prolonging a fourth wave. There was no big drop for a wave two in this rise from March 2009 so to prolong the propped manipulations and keep a semblance of control they will likely use a fourth wave simply to buy and prolong time before the final fifth wave up completes. Time controlling the financial markets are more important to the ATONISTS now than pretending to the puppet politicians that all is well with the illusions they deceptively manipulate as the economy at large.

    When the fifth wave up completes the ability for the Banksters to control the market comes to an end. Ponzi implosion highly probable then and both the Banksters/ATONISTS will very likely run for cover when this comes about, or just before it. So prolonging time before this happens very likely with an extended fourth wave at very high degree. So they buy and prolong time now to rip as many bears they can (yet again) before things get totally out of control for them. So for now there will be a major decline for the bears to make some dollars but IMO it will not be the monumental decline where the Banksters lose control. It will most likely go down to the previous wave four of one lesser degree. Somewhere around SPX 2100 and be in the form of a Wave (C) of a high degree expanded flat.

    The coronavirus seems to be what the Banksters are using to deceive the drop in the market. At least in the early stages of this wave (C) of expanded flat decline that makes up the high degree fourth wave of the entire wave up from March 2009. Charts have been provided on Geno's blog here