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Tuesday 5 May 2020

Agnico Eagle

This looks like a great breakout....Agnico looks like it should play catch up with the other leaders like NEM,Barrick,FNV and WPM


  1. Hi CR, Trust all is well and you have somehow managed to minimise the Covid 19 regulations.

    Just a quick note to mention that IMO SPX 2000 thereabouts will come about shortly. Rather quickly via a fifth wave of an expanded diagonal to finish off the very high degree expanded flat wave (4). These fifth waves of expanded diagonals are sharp and quick. The around SPX 2,000 mark is based on a 1:1 ratio with the third wave of the diagonal. Maybe it can go to a deeper ratio but I think the symmetry looks good around that 2,000 mark. Timing the decline is about now IMO - either this coming week or next week.

    All the best and keep smiling to counteract the Covid 19 controls.

  2. Either this decline happens now to finish off that high degree expanded flat wave (4). If not then that wave (4) may be complete and it goes up to complete the final high degree wave (5). Rather tepidly I would say - may even truncate.

    The epic Ponzi decline of all time is not too far away IMO. Not now but close. Could be wrong and it plunges monumentally from here but favoured look of it is we are about to finish off the high degree wave (4) expanded flat with SPX 2,000 fairly quick fashion.

  3. Hi JD nice to hear from you.Im not so active on the blog these days,as you may have guessed.Thanks for the comments