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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The divergences chart posted on Monday seems to be working out,with a potential double top pattern in play

yesterday's shooting star candle took out 3 previous lows


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  2. Belgium has a Monthly Doji, and have broken the low on that Monthly Doji. Bearish 3 bar setup. 1998 and 2007 it tracked at the peaks with US equities. FWIW.


    1. Belgium ? Must admit thats not one I follow too closely :-)

    2. Lots of ports in Belgium.

      USDJPY Still Selling. Weekly High Now Provides Easy Bull/Bear Line.

      That is my feedback to stimulate discussion.

      Have a nice weekend.

  3. http://scharts.co/VUdwEi

    Also, Yen breaking down. Close below 101.60 would seal it.

    Fib resistance is right above recent high.

    That is my feedback to stimulate discussion. ;-)