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Thursday, 5 March 2015


Gann and EW combine to suggest a possible top here
6920 (2 x low) Gann
Tomorrow is 6 years from the low (Gann)
5 waves down,3 waves up (elliott)


  1. The pattern from 4 to 5th wave looks like a 3 wave pattern and could also be a b-wave with a 3 wave move up for a c-wave (B) Therefore your 3rd wave would be an A-wave. Impulsive move down for a C-wave possible scenario..

  2. if in doubt its always WXY....lol

    Thanks MP

  3. Gann Wrote: Master 144 Sq. containts 324 Sq. inch and each Sq. inch containts 64 Units which gives 20,736. 1/256th = 81 days...or Sq of 9.

    From July 7 1932 bottom.. 20,736 days = Oct 31 2014. Add 81 days to it is Mar 2, 2015 (Current Top).

  4. Sorry Secondary Lower High... I meant to say to the day.