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Friday, 20 March 2015



  1. USDJPY is getting pounded today. FWIW.

    Monthly USDJPY

    The last three times this happened, the market did a 22%, a 20% and an 11.8% correction. The 11.8 % was the beginning of the 2007-2009 Bear.

    Small Data Set

    That is why I believe that we are going to do a 10-20% correction in equities, conservatively.


  2. I do not usually chart the Nikkei, but did so today out of usdjpy interest. I think this is right. Bigger question (not shown) is whether this ends Wave 3 off the 2009 low or Wave 5. Hence, the green support at the would wave 4 targets (38.2 and 50 retraces because the wave 2 off the 2009 low was deep).

    Look at that bearish weekly candle right at the Wave 5 target!

  3. FYI That looks like a bad print on the Nikkei Weekly candlestick as futures and other charts are not showing that.