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Sunday, 26 April 2015

maybe the Dax can still push to that 12500 level ?


  1. comment from a waver friend,sukimoto

    Looks to me the ABC for 4 is an expanded flat and if so would need to come below the low of wave A. If you do the Fibonacci extension of Wave A and apply it to wave C it looks like it has already gone beyond the 1.618 extension. Therefore completion of wave C of 4 likely to be where C=2.618A.
    That of course if it is an expanded flat - but it looks like one.
    Expanded flats are very difficult to get a decent correction channel for. Best channelling method I have found for it is to place trendline on top of the wave 3 high and then on the high of the wave 4 of C. Take a copy of this trendline and place it on the bottom of wave A of 4. The completion of wave 5 of C of 4 often will come to rest on the lower trendline. Doesn't always work and you need the wave 4 of C of 4 to be able to apply it. But you have that wave 4 here so you could use it. Also use the C = 2.618 extension with this channelling technique and you potentially have quite a precise price/time relationship for the completion of wave 5 of C of 4.

  2. comment from a harmonics guy,Richard

    DAX, I still see a 'Crown Top', initial target is your iii...