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Saturday, 25 April 2015


interesting interview,he says the 5th year of a decade is usually very strong ,as discussed here (Gann's 5th year of a decade),but that the first 2 quarters are often weak so he is looking for a 2nd half breakout
he expects years 6 and 7 to be weak and that the next western boom wont happen till 2020 when generation Y starts to take over from the baby boomers
he says most tried and tested styles of investment are not working :-)
very keen on India also China but China currently frothy..
US bonds still ok for now because low and negative real rates here to stay
some european markets and japan ok but you have to hedge the currency (unlike India or China)

Expects gold to move within the next few months....it is already in a bull market in non dollar currencies and is outperforming the S&P if you measure from 2000. Gold mining stocks look to have bottomed

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