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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

bull pennant ? (15 min chart )

triple bottom....weekly chart ?

March is usually an importat month for the Dax .This year it will mark a 7 year cycle off the low
This is NOT a forecast just an off the cuff suggestion which will most likely be wrong :-)


  1. Maloney on massive H&S



  2. Rhetorical: Can Harvey Organ POSSIBLY devise a report that is more boring and difficult to read?


  3. hey Chartrambler! hope you are good.

    I like the DAX chart... sustained action above 10K looks out of range.

    In theory.. first target is 8K.

    Hope you can trade it downward if possible.

  4. thanks PD....I have been mainly trading Ftse,figuring its commodity exposure made it more vulnerable