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Thursday 6 November 2014

Dan makes some good points about "gold bugs" and trapped longs here,even though I do agree with their argument that gold is heavily manipulated by central banks  and that the long term outlook is very bright



  1. Why would the long-term outlook for Gold be very bright? What facts in evidence support such a view?

    1. cant believe thats a serious question....lol

      Is that you Wags ?

  2. Norcini missing the boat again. Fabulous buying opportunity, yet he's stuck on how bad things are. He should focus on thing he understands. W

  3. he is talking about trapped longs in the futures market.These guys cant hang around waiting for one of the exchanges to default on delivery,as he says,they are getting margin calls.If youve bought phys and have no leverage and are patient it is a different matter

  4. Thanks for the clarification. We are looking at CEF here, as target for some funds that won't be converted to phy. W