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Saturday, 29 November 2014


There is support here. I want to see a blue monthly bar before I feel more confident though. Friday was ugly

edit the cycle is 6 years not 5 :-)


  1. Screamin' buy time Silver. Even if they take it lower, you won't have to wait all that long to see massive gains. IMnsfHO. The manipulation is the gift that keeps on giving. They will keep it smashed until there is no more deliverable and then the system blows. There won't be any chance to get in once the SHTF. W

    "Eddie" hehe -


  2. are the premiums for phys reflecting what you say ?

  3. According to Dr Jim Willie, premiums for "large qtys ~ $25M" are at 30 to 35%. Premiums for the kind of stuff "we" buy are still almost normal, say under 20%. A billion dollars in each Au Ag would clean out the entire phy supply. We are not yet at the inflection point but its impossible to know how close we are. The prices the dealers charge are disconnected from actual value IMHO and in O of many others. $2 fillet minion. How much do you want? If there's a market crash, it probably will spike low, but GL getting orders filled as that happens. Best! W

  4. Willie with Turd Ferguson - right click link, save link as-, turketjackass.mp3 W