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Saturday, 1 November 2014


Pretty hard to explain this rally without resorting to extreme cycnicism re manipulation etc. The sell setup from the Sep 19 high was perfect from a Gann price and time point of view and we took out a major swing low,so all textbook stuff for a decent correction at the very least.Sure a retracement of say 50- 62% was a reasonable expectation but this  rally through 3 Gann lines back into the original resistance zone without even a 1 day pullback beggars belief.And all this at a time when the Fed announces withdrawal of QE.
 Free markets are dead,which shouldnt be a surprise to anyone,but the scale of it is mind-blowing.....then there's gold,which should have rallied on the Japanese news but lets not go there....:-)

Northman Trader has a good set of charts and comments this weekend


  1. I agree with you CR that move in gold left me scratching my head. I was bearish gold before friday but that announcement should had shot gold upwards like a rocket

  2. Part of the problem being Wile E Coyote on Halloween is, they away take away your dynamite or rocket pack. Anvils are unwieldy. Maybe a sack of free bird seed next year. W

  3. Wave after wave. W