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Friday 31 December 2010


This is yesterdays close but today we have broken the 16x1 line so the top could be in or we could push a little higher into the 6070-6100 area where the angles cross, early next week

Dow Jones

We have a possible reversal day on Wednesday


Thursday 30 December 2010

Are we there yet ?

Close to the end of the rising wedge,in the 6 month time zone for a high,macd about to cross


Some kind of ending diagonal ?

Elliott count

A possible ending count on the S&P from Joe,the Elliott Trader


I hesitate to call a top after previous experiences ! However is looking like the last leg is 5 waves,with an overthrow of the channel and the move is almost 6 months (Gann 180) so at least a correction should be imminent...much will depend on the copper chart,which has also exceeded my expectations



Wednesday 29 December 2010




If it gets there 2400 will be tough resistance

Hong Kong

This chart was first posted some weeks ago.50% in time and 61.8 % in price appears to have caught the high.

Friday 24 December 2010


Bullish declining wedge




The recent rally in financials has helped the market.FAS is approaching the 50% retracement and the time cycle from the low will equal the cycle from the high on Jan 4th.

4 year cycle

Here is an interesting chart from Toby Connor.This roadmap looks entirely credible to me and fits well with the 10 year Gann cycle from the 2002 low.




My feeling is we have already topped at just over 6000 or we push up to 6040 or 6100 area in the first few days of Jan.The matching ranges and angle cluster suggest 6100 is possible but we may not get there.This may or may not be THE top,should it materialise,but should be tradeable.

Happy Christmas and thanks for reading my blog !


S&P weekly Gann angles

Overthrow of the bear angle from the high ?

Thursday 23 December 2010



Ftse 2010 Gann cycles from Jan high

Lets see if 12 months brings in a high

Balfour Beatty

This is a UK housebuilder


This is the Gann angles (with calendar spacing) chart.The red circle is placed where the 6 month time cycle hits the angles and suggests slightly higher is possible if it wants to hit the 4x1 from the low



Copper looks to have broken out...42 is 50% from the July low and should be resistance,lets see if it can hold or we get a Jan reversal and false break pattern

Ftse hits 6000

We hit 6002 this morning.6006 is a fib expansion target (1.272) and with a low at 4790 just below 4800 there should be "natural resistance" at 6000 (using the Gann sequence 3600,4800,6000)

Muni Bonds

Important chart from Columbia1.I have a feeling that next year will be about debt...whether European sovereign debt,US municipal debt,consumer debt.The US now holds more of its own debt than China...I find that a truly terrifying statistic.

Wednesday 22 December 2010



21 and 34 week ema's have been good...if buy signal was a bit late.Interesting we didnt really get a sell signal in the "flash crash" selloff




I am disappointed and surprised how this index got above the 100% from the low level.It looked like a good sell setup a few weeks ago,with the lower highs (on the daily chart).However this could be an overthrow so we need to keep a close watch


Decline looks to be resuming,lower weekly low


Leaving aside Gann cycles,macro etc the bears have to admit we have broken to new highs and ema's are bullishly aligned.In the bears' favour there is negative divergence on the RSI and lots of unfilled gaps.Ron Walker (thechartpatterntrader.com) has also pointed out a sell signal from the put/call ratio,negative divergence on the AD line and a Vix level signalling extreme complacency.It looks like we could be in a 5th wave from the low on July 1st....watch that 6 mnth cycle !
I would like to see a firm rejection of the Murrey Math 1250 level (1250 is 10 000 divided by 8)
At major tops you normally get "big numbers" coming up in a range of indices.....1250 spx, 6000 ftse,7200 dax ....?  Have attached another good chart from Columbia1