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Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. Benjamin Franklin

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Monday 28 February 2011

another (belated) thought on gold is that this could be seen as a 4th attempt to break 1420-30...Gann's rule 4 of states that 4th attempts are usually successful


Sunday 27 February 2011

Dow jones - monthly angles



Crude broke the upper bollinger band and tagged major fib retracement level though clearly it is a hostage to political developments the next few weeks

neo-wave count from Columbia.Columbia's latest post also has a good discussion of the precarious technical  state of the US dollar   

Templeton EM

breaking down...

Ftse resources sector sell signal

ema signals

Mike Breaux uses crosses of the 21 and 34 dema's to confirm trend ...reversal not confirmed yet by this system but note there are confirmations in the mining stocks
 50% retracement of this range looks like major pivot so likely an important/valid range 

Ftse cycles

The 180 td cycle on 10th March comes in 1 day after 9th March 2 year anniversary of the low,so will likely be important turn...a low if the market is falling or a high if it is rising ?




Finishing wave 2 of E ?




Saturday 26 February 2011




looks like a bull flag,but platinum chart bearish and we are on a 55 week (fib) count...unclear at the moment,but clearly a strong bull trend

just feeling a little nostalgic  for a game which is played fairly...plus GL to England tomorrow !


Thursday 24 February 2011


Another gap down...I am focussing on this stock because the setup was so perfect,a lovely alignment of Gann and elliott waves,so far it is performing to script

Anofagasta Head and shoulders

These often fail but I think this one looks valid


Nasdaq mirror chart

so far so good....


the triple top scenario produced a milder decline than anticipated,not that surprising given the Middle East developments and the weaker dollar.Here is a neat chart from Binve



The retracement fell well short of 50%,a sign of weakness,right shoulder completing ?

This count would imply a final e wave count to come

I mis-labelled this,,,,D should be C and E should be D

S&P DMI bear cross


Wednesday 23 February 2011