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Monday 31 October 2011



Ron Walker's euro chart


Well we got our sell signal

we met the requirements in Saturday's post   http://chartramblings.blogspot.com/2011/10/pinnochio.html

and this may be playing out       http://chartramblings.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-post_27.html

and we got evening star reversals in european indices and the euro

Evening star reversals Ftse,Dax


here is a chart from Mike Breaux's website      http://spwavetrade.blogspot.com/
The 21,34 emas have crossed bullish so the mechanical trade is to look for a pullback to buy.However the speculation is that we may have a similar situation to 2007 (Mikes red box) .Worth keeping an eye on price action wrt these ema's over the next few days.

here is my chart with a possible channel and 5 dema added.We need to break the 5 dema as initial sign at least that a turn may be starting.Friday's candle was a doji,which often marks a top.Elliott wave people are mostly calling for one more push to around 1306

good link on inflation from Zero Hedge      http://www.zerohedge.com/news/when-money-dies-author-adam-fergusson-and-james-turk-discuss-hyperinflation-past-present-and-fu

Sunday 30 October 2011


a sterling based gold ETF..........100 now solid support ?





Arm Holdings

Blue line shows likely support if there were to be a sell-off.There is an unfilled gap.

good link


and this


dual backtest?





Possible we test the recent high at 1280 before decline resumes ?  40 dma and 4x1 provide resistance. Closing above the 40 dma would be a signal to close shorts ?



the 61.8 % retracement of the 2007-9 bear is 8016


200 dma is now declining this rally looks counter-trend


Saturday 29 October 2011

cycles and the Aussie dollar

from the Nov high we ran up to another high 6 months later,then another in 3 months so the 12 month cycle seems a likely candidate for a top in which case the "risk-off" trade would most likely be triggered so a 6 month cycle top might be seen in equities.All conjecture until pattern gives us a trigger ie a reversal.The same cycles should be monitored in the euro and other currencies




QQQ chart from Gann360


I have attempted a wave count....



Corn chart continues to deteriorate


Weekly Ftse

Bears need to see Ftse retreat from the 20 points per week line.Next week this line comes in at 5744

Pinnochio ?

a reversal below the 1x1 and 200 dma is needed for a sell signal.Next wave down could be a wave 3 or C so patience,vigilance may be rewarded handsomely !



Triangle option


the decline in Barclays was 7 months,Gann's termination "death" cycle (ie 7 days,weeks,months etc)
 Now at resistance from the geometrical line


Silver....test of bearish ema's ?

I think we will pull back from here.I am very bullish longer term but not convinced this correction is finished yet


looking like an exhaustion into 50% retracement area


1937-42 analog


nice post from Slope of Hope,Serge Farra's chart


Coffee...LH in place...?

 this would be a possible bullish scenario  :

However the recent  rally does look corrective....here is the wedge on a longer term chart 


2 nice charts from Colunbia.78.6% retracement comes in around 1306


interesting chart from Slope of Hope ...


...I keep having to move these trendlines  ! 



Friday 28 October 2011

Video with Jim Rogers


Flash Crash

amusing video....sounds like a horse race !



I dont see how people can start getting excited about a new bull market (as some were yesterday) when the European charts still look so poor.I am pleased I posted on the bullish potential of the base on the Dax a few weeks ago but I must admit I didnt expect to see us reach 6400. 6400 is square of 80 and 3600 was the bottom,8100 (ish) was the top,both squares