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Saturday 25 February 2017

Dow Jones....3 times the base and 144

some analysts use "3 times the base" as a target level.I am not sure if it is a Gann technique,or whether it is someone elses. The Dow hit this on Friday.Also if you add Gann's 14400 to the 6470 low it yields 20870,which is just above,so maybe these levels can produce some kind of reaction .....

Dax Doji

The Dax posted a weekly doji after hitting the 12000 level


Squaring 1800 points with the 360 degree cycle off the February low

and a chart  from Korelli 

Monday 6 February 2017

a significant day for the bearish case,even more so for the Dax

....confirmed evening star reversal pattern

Saturday 4 February 2017


The Dow broke out of the tight range I posted ,but fell back then rallied again on Friday. There is resistance at 9/8 of the low and I would look to sell any renewed weakness here


2 Gann time cycles combining with price cycles (216 is 1,5 cycles of 144,480 is 1.5 cycles of 360)
Time is 1 year and 0.25 of a year
Trigger would be wedge break


looking very toppy at the upper bollinger band and 18000 resistance zone


note the bearish reversal candle for January

I don't follow Robert McHugh but thought this was worth posting

"International stock markets continue to work on topping patterns,
with a massive world-wide decline approaching. This may be precipitated by a
global war. Israel's TA100 Stock Index is completing a Head & Shoulders top
that could lead to a strong decline. A coming war could involve Israel. The Euro
Stoxx 50 Index is also warning of an approaching top of significance.
There is an undercurrent of anger among the peoples of the world, a
war of ideas and values is at the center of it. Deception, dashed hopes,
unrealistic expectations, false beliefs, dichotomous values. The nations of the
world are moving toward a one world government, against the will of nationalists
who seek to maintain the sovereignty of their origins, preserving their unique
cultures and values. These two opposing forces are growing in intensity. War is
coming to the world."