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Sunday 29 March 2015


resistance from 1200 and green Gann line...a clean break above 1200 is needed to turn more bullish

Andrea Callisano


Saturday 28 March 2015

from Andrew Lais' public list at Stockcharts


this is the Dow futs chart I posted in early March
it is interesting there was a very bullish white candle on the 18th ,that saw no followthrough (another 7 day rally) and reversed quickly back below 18000 then we got a huge red candle on wednesday


DBA (soft commodities/agriculture index) - I posted a chart a week or two back,showing half the high support at 21.75
I had a closer look at the chart which emphasises possible support coming in from Gann's square of 144,both in price and time
The 2008 high was 43.5,in February...........43.2 is 3 x 14.4 and it may be a 7 year down cycle

Friday 27 March 2015



Kimble  http://blog.kimblechartingsolutions.com/2015/03/topping-patterns-in-the-hottest-of-the-hot/


may be forming a triangle ...(this is 2 hr chart,not 4)

Wednesday 25 March 2015

"elephant bar" candle ....

from Edward Hunt's public list at Stockcharts.com

Tuesday 24 March 2015

7060 high in Ftse this morning is 3600 points from 3460 low in 2009 (6 years x 600 points)

Sunday 22 March 2015


interesting...Gary is suggesting that the 4 year cycle has been extended to 7 years due to all the QE


last leg of a triangle ? Glaring  negative rsi divergence suggests the breakout will not last

3 hr chart :


Is this an ending diagonal in the CAC ?


gold needs to regain 1200 resistance soon or is vulnerable to more downside

Friday 20 March 2015



Thursday 19 March 2015


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday the French cash limit was 3,000 euros. Today the cash limit is 1,000 euros. Tomorrow (not in the literal sense as timing is uncertain), cash transactions will be restricted to 100 euros, then banned altogether.

The same applies everywhere, including the US.


Want to buy a candy bar? The government will want to know where the purchase was made, how much you paid, and where you got the money to buy the candy bar.
Read more at http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2015/03/cash-dinosaur-france-limits-cash.html#HmPOlrHgpkXFYxXY.99

Wednesday 18 March 2015


Head and shoulder developing ? Needs to regain and hold the 200 dma


foldback pattern ? (symmetry)


DBA at important Gann support level


Tuesday 17 March 2015


Dax below 12100

Dax ,there is now a low risk tradeable setup against 12100 level,risking 2 candles .Short setup will look stronger when we are below 11950 (8350oct low + 3600)

3 times the base and 2 measured moves

Monday 16 March 2015

am relatively new to harmonics so not sure if this is right.Either way the 6863 level is important,being 61.8% retracement


watch for a break of 12000 and sharp reversal

7624 + 4500 = 12124
8350 + 3600 =  11950

111 squared =12100


Sunday 15 March 2015


....about BOJ purchases of Japanese stocks
I couldnt believe the blatant Satanism in Madonna's set on last night's Jonathan Ross show so I googled it and found this from Mark Dice. As crazy as it sounds the implication is that  Satanism is being used on a wide scale in the music industry by certain performers to promote a dark agenda.....even at the Superbowl .
None of that at Twickenham yesterday,thankfully :-)




some MM lines and Gann angles....limited upside here and could  head to 1.25 over coming months ?

"There is a mind-boggling process at work today just as was the case in the run-up to the 2008 stock market crash. It’s called the share buy-back
Do you recall when, in the months before the Lehman Brothers collapse and bankruptcy in 2008, I stated that the Company is too smart to be buying $1.7 billion of their stock at a market cycle top? I went on to say they were buying all the securities from family, friends and best clients to provide all the funds those people would need to buy shares at much lower prices after the next Bear.
In other words, I believed Lehman was ripping off the market. And they did.
Same thing is happening today. Yesterday, Morgan Stanley (MS) announced a major share buy-back plus a 50% increase in dividends. Their treasury is now in the process of being raped.
Do you recall how shortly before the 2008 market crash, Wall Street was advocating massive dividend increases? Again, who was benefiting more than family, friends and best clients?
Well, Wall Street is at it again.
Given that this process is happening at cycle tops, when costs are enormous, rather than at cycle bottoms, when market support is needed, I must believe it is a plan. A plan to screw the rest of us."

Bill Cara

(thanks to Wile for this)

Saturday 14 March 2015



3 LH's and a neckline

233 ema on the daily seems to often offer support


(thanks to Yikes for this link)
first job for bears...break the rising 8x1 angle (green line) on a monthly closing basis



"The banks
explode higher today after the stress test results with the exception of
one skunk at the garden party; Bank of America. The 50 MA drops under
the 200 MA creating a death cross pattern albeit by one penny. Seasoned
technicians do not pay much attention to golden crosses (50-day MA up
through 200-day MA) or death crosses since price typically reverses once
the cross occurs, although in the longer run for the weeks or couple
months forward price will typically obey the cross. The golden cross
occurs in October to signal bull times ahead and look at how price falls
like a stone, however, price recovers and does print a high to begin
the year. This is what typically happens"

Monthly GbpJpy...I marked on some  Gann "circle" levels,120,180,240

Friday 13 March 2015


Wednesday 11 March 2015


this is the square of 1440 (72months) chart,zoomed in.It looks as if the time price conjunctio was important.I added some price lines eg 1926 is the first 1/8

Michael Parenti said,
'The enormous gap between what US leaders do in
the world and what Americans think their leaders are doing is one of the
great propaganda accomplishments of the dominant political mythology.'

from Jesse's cafe yesterday

Tuesday 10 March 2015


a decent day for the bears.Amazing resilience in Germany

maybe this ? :

Dax is a long way from its moving averages (chart to yesterday's close)

a decent sell off in the Ftse,should bounce here.I favor lower prices into the 15th plus or minus a day or two

another good post from Jesse

a count from Nouf on gold

possible target if Ftse declines here.Horizontal lines are 38% and 50% retracements of the 2 ranges