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Monday 30 April 2012

Ron Paul - Krugman debate

The sideways chop in cocoa continues.I am still looking lower in cocoa and coffee although I note some are pointing out extreme bear sentiment and long term chart support in both markets,the patterns  still seem to indicate more downside

Cycles I am watching

The key cycle I am watching at the moment is  the 1 year from last May highs (the Osama bin Laden/Royal Wedding top !)  You can see this in many markets,whether cable or the Dow.Late October also gave a high ...this is 6 months (last week April-1st week May)so it is a reason to think that 12 months may also work.In addition the recent high in stock markets was 4 and 6 months off  lows and now we are testing that high so a failure on the 1 year cycle would be significant.Cycles are cycles and mean nothing unless price confirms.Ideally a big fat reversal candle this week.


Overbought at t/l resistance and cycles in play


(silver etf in UK sterling)



Sunday 29 April 2012

this is the Dow futures chart... break of trendline,test of high....

Has BHP,the world's largest mining stock,just broken down from a bear flag ?


 Julian Callow from Barclays Capital said there is no almost no historical precedent for the sort of deleveraging under way in the EMU periphery. Credit rose from 100pc of GDP to over 200pc in Ireland, Greece, Portugal, and Spain in the EMU boom. "This is far higher than in Japan during the 1980s. It is hard to find an historical parallel or any insight from economic theory for where we are going," he said.
Dax swing chart



This one has run on a lot longer than I expected.A break below 1480 would be the first sign of a possible reversal

Saturday 28 April 2012

T-Theory cycle top ? (Also a 12 and 6 month Gann cycle )

Interesting Video from PSA on the Nasdaq,looking at gaps and some history

BRBY Double Top at 10 times the low

Banks (BKX)

I just noticed this Gann square on BKX.A top was made when time and price were equal at 18 points,180 degrees (ie 6 months) Lets see how meaningful a top this is

PRU weekly Gann fans

wow !

Pretty critical time and price resistance here for FTSE...lets see what happens next week

triangle in the FTSE ? 

Thursday 26 April 2012

30 minute chart from Ron Walker.For bears we need to turn down from around here...we have 3 tops in the 50% retracement zone




Backtest.? 1 year cycle from high suggests a top possible.And "T" formation from October high.


Trendline support ....is the dollar going to rally ?

This chart is from SDMooks (Dino's CIL)

Nice hammer in SLV

Wednesday 25 April 2012

looks like top may be in for cable,with the break of the rising wedge.It fell just shy of yesterdays fib target


3rd lower high setup ?

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Ftse250 reversal confirmed

The evening star reversal was confirmed yesterday


Cable....another 90 points ?

Dow weekly Gann Lines

I marked the bull angle in blue,the bear angle in red.They are converging with horizontal resistance from last year's high,making the market look highly vulnerable here


Monday 23 April 2012

the  charts look to be working well with today's sell-off...here is an attempt at a short-term wave count on the Dax :-)


Chart from Etx (Dino's CIL)


Pitchforks,Macd and  "3 bar reversals"

Sunday 22 April 2012





I am not sure why gold stocks are so weak but the charts are clearly on sell at the moment

Here is a nice chart from Darkest Knight

Saturday 21 April 2012

Dow weekly Gann Lines


Friday's candle was a bearish inverted hammer.We have a bearish DI cross and a possible lower high beneath a triple top.I believe the market is a sell but would cover on a close above 13100.Monday should be interesting and I would certainly be on the lookout for a big black candle in the next few days

Some cycles and Gann lines on the SPY.