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Friday 31 August 2012


Confirming double top ?

Wednesday 29 August 2012


coming to the end of the wedge (as are Ftse,Dax,Cac etc)

Edit (Sep 2) I just realised this square is not drawn correctly and should run out to the end of September,not the start.Apologies

1425 resistance :

wave 1 1074--1292= 218      218x1.618=352       1074+352 = 1426
Gann 1266 x 9/8 = 1424


Monday 27 August 2012

Ron Walker 60 min chart

CAC also wedgy...3600 anyone ?


One more push to complete the wedge ?

and here is the longer-term picture,banging up against trendline resistance in what looks like a massive triangle pattern

Sunday 26 August 2012

Some swing resistance levels for AAPL.Ideal for bears would be a gap up to 695 and reversal back below 675,the 7/8 line in the Square of 360 chart posted earlier

360 pts in the SPX and 360 in AAPL  ?  Can't ignore the symmetry although I'm not convinced it will happen

Ibex overbought at resistance

Chart from Columbia's public list

Saturday 25 August 2012


Apple likes to follow time and price cycles based on Gann's "square" (cycle) of 360...

SMH looking weak here


2 dojis at the end of the week suggest the "blue arrow" rather than green

Upside seems limited though



This week we broke down from the wedge.Price is below the 21 wtd ma  and macd has given a bear cross.


Looks like we have broken the upwardly sloping channel and have a potential reversal in play

Friday 24 August 2012

Ron Walker's view on the Dax.He  also is pointing out the rising wedge at trendline resistance


Thursday 23 August 2012

I'm really undecided about gold at the moment but just wanted to point out we are overbought at resistance and are one year from the first of last year's double tops.So I think we pullback here but whether that provides a buying oppurtunity I don't know yet.I still think the 200 dma will cap rallies for a while

backtest of trendline

excellent cycle post from Jeff Cooper


Wednesday 22 August 2012


wow ! did Apple peak just above 666 ? (!)  The 200 dma is rising strongly so anyone expecting Apple to crash will likely be disappointed but a pull back to the area of the prior wave 4 and to the moving average seems possible

Big level for NDX

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Good day for the bears with nice reversal candles and unconfirmed (in different markets) new highs but I'm not hanging out the bunting yet given the degree of manipulation in these markets...Jackson Hole coming up and "optimism" about a sidelined Bundesbank should prevent bears getting too aggressive straightaway,I suspect.Nevertheless a good start. I would like to see a decent black candle taking out 5800 on the FTSE tomorrow.Also watching FTSE for daily MACD cross
60 minute chart from Ron Walker

Quote from  http://inter-market-analysis.com/

Friday, the SPY hit its 52 week high double top. The move up has been on the lightest trading volume in 5 years. This is very worrisome as large investors and institutions are obviously not buying at these levels. In addition, the volatility index is not making new lows like one would assume, telling us storm clouds are brewing on the horizon.

Bears woud probably be well-advised to wait for a signal on the chart below (Ron Walker)


at channel resistance in what looks like a bearish rising wedge


a decent red bar today,an outside day.Need to see a LL and clean break of the 78.6% retracement

Monday 20 August 2012

watching this wedge on the Dax for an overthrow and reverse below 7000.This is Friday nights close and the Dax has reached 7086 this morning,so we broke through the Gann pressure point at 7030.7200 is major resistance if the market can manage to squeeze higher


Backtest of neckline ?
Nice chart from Kimble

here is a nice article by Andre Gratian exploring breadth,the vix and some other indictaors


Saturday 18 August 2012

Vix looks very attractive

another chart from Ron. Vix looks ready for a major move

here is a count from Ron Walker.I like the chart and the count,even if it seems hard to believe at the moment that the market will ever be allowed to fall :-) It seems like there will have to be "an event" to cause such a fall because bears just don't seem to have any grip at the moment.

Friday 17 August 2012



bear flag on the Aud broke down overnight.Break of red neckline should confirm a significant top (and return of "risk-off" )

the Dax hit the 50% Gann  pressure point at 7030 this morning

Thursday 16 August 2012

Triangle on the Dow with attempted wave count

chart from Keystone Speculator suggesting ultra complacency and likely top

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Breaking below the narrow range (and light volume !) candles highlighted in yellow should give a decent sell signal.For those who follow astrology Mercury was retrograde the last few weeks,hence the volatile trendlessness

QQQ's de Mark

I don't really use de Mark but here is a setup on the QQQ's,chart by SoulJester

Canadian $

I  don't look at the canadian dollar often but apparently its a good risk indicator.I have attempted a wave count which suggests theis move up is close to an end and then we should have a leg down

Banking - a 12 year old's critique

amazing video

Ron Walker charts. Doji day


bearish rising wedge pattern close to completion ?

could we repeat the last 2 ranges?