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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Coffee weekly candles

Bearish inverted hammer forming ?



Tuesday 29 November 2011

this is a really interesting interview with Jim Rickards ...some scary stuff for China bulls....Jim Rogers where are you....help !! My thanks to Etx from dino's CIL for linking it



I read that Neil Woodford had been buying this for his income fund

Chart from Ron Walker




I am thinking we test the neckline soon then bounce.34 wma should contain any rally,neckline breaks early in the New Year....still the market doesnt always do what I think...lol


Sell the rally !

pullback to neckline


Sunday 27 November 2011


This is the Gann fans chart update


My Hero

another look at coffee...macd looks very bearish
also watch DI (not shown ) for imminent bear cross.ADX very low,looks ready to turn

Another great interview with Kyle Bass


Dow Fanlines,Support,resistance

Support around 10800 ? Breaking a 3rd fanline is nearly always a big  change of trend indicator

Saturday 26 November 2011

Dow Gann cycles chart

Here is an update on the Gann cycles chart posted on Nov 5 and it turned out to be a good setup. Gann cycles are not a prediction....nobody knows what the market will do next...they provide a window where action can be taken if a reversal occurs...its up to the individual what reversal pattern is the trigger...risk tolerance,time-frame etc. On the daily swing chart we had a triple top...once that was confirmed it was a pretty strong signal to short the market but earlier reversals signals could also have been elected,with close stops.Gann's rule is that fast moves often come off triples and that is what we have seen

we also had a sell signal at the end of October      http://chartramblings.blogspot.com/2011/10/well-we-got-our-sell-signal.html

S&P monthly candles

Monthly close in Sep and open in Oct show support at 1131...


at its simplest chart-reading is about buying the HL's,selling the LH's................


Gann Fan...

Friday 25 November 2011


this is the bullish wedge option.Macd gave a bearish cross last session.


Support and resistance zones (prior highs and lows)



Nice cycle convergence at end of Dec,early Jan...presumably a low ???



Gap fill and should be support from lower Gann line.Watch for a higher low.I love it when I see a bottom at 360 ! I also drew a line at 640 another square that was resistance for the high

here is a possible bullish option,the declining wedge,plus we are at natural gann support level,5400.Still we can probably wait for an inverted hammer like the the previous 3 bottoms before getting too excited....



I posted this chart a few weeks ago,here is an update,with the 50% retracement level marked in


Thursday 24 November 2011

Tuesday 22 November 2011


Here is an update on the Royal bank of Scotland bear flag I posted a couple of weeks ago



....In which Mr Buffet has expressed an interest...


SPY - Gap down below support


Dax support break

I was a bit premature when I said yesterday that the Dax had broken the neckline (Ftse had though)....in fact  I was a day early....apologies

Dollar Index

Looks like a small bull flag


Monday 21 November 2011

Ftse and Dax broke their necklines today


James Turk interview with Eric Sprott

Here are 2 charts from Albertarocks.Ron Walker also pointed out that these two indicators had turned bearish

Sunday 20 November 2011

this article has a nice ratio chart for cyclicals vs defensives