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Friday 30 September 2011


Amazon also reacting bearishly off its cycle(180cd).Yesterday bearish engulfing candle with close to open gap today.Also below LHBH,like AAPL



gapped down below LHBH and 400 Gann resistance...90 day cycle setup looking good  !



is this a sign of trouble in Asia ? (luxury goods)




Thursday 29 September 2011

SPY 50% failure

frustration again for the bears...normally this should be a very reliable setup...failing 3 times below (at) the 50% retracement............90 day cycle from the high kicks in Oct 21 so patience may be in order

3rd LH  ?



almost halved from the high....30 should see a bounce.



50% retracement,gap fill,double top on the daily and retrace  toward 200 dma...



this chart has really broken down since I last posted it....not  a good omen for growth


S&P monthly

nice chart from Springheel Jack (link on blog list)



here is hourly Dax,with pivots,after the vote.A failure at R1 might leave a triple top .There is also 5625 (Murrey level) to contend with..(Normally allow 20 points ie 5645 ) Break would suggest more upside.


Well we can probably remove the question mark now...2 major swng lows broken and of course the 10 year cycle is potentially in play,as posted earlier in the Summer



lets see if the FTSE reacts from the declining 50dma and 1x1 line


Point and Figure chartfrom EV who posts from the Isle of Man.....what a global world the web is lol !



Hugh Hendry

FTSE rainbow

this chart says get out of the stockmarket....


Wednesday 28 September 2011

here is an update of Ron Walker's hourly Nyse chart posted earlier....backtest complete,ema's in bear cross....nice setup

The attractiveness of the setup was enhanced to me by the proximity of natural gann level 7200 to the backtest high ....natural resistance whether Gann circle number,Murrey math level,round number or a square like 250 or 64 always gives you extra confidence and helps with  stop placement.It also helps that Ron posts such nice charts !

We had a doji on the Dax today,which alleviates some of the bullish potential in that chart

ET's update......

charts from Ron Walker



There is probably no point in looking for a short entry in markets till we have a black candle or doji on the Dax....the risk is still one of further upside off the double bottom and island reversal.Having said that I am  bearish and do think this thing could turn round very quickly

6 phases of a market

This is a really interesting chart showing the big picture and the different phases a market moves through.Chart originially posted by Scottick on Daneric's board


Where's the beef ...I mean gold ?

here is an interesting comment on gold,from Albertarock,posting on Daneric's board and another reason why it may be best not to get too bearish

Several months ago I'd mentioned that Mexico had bought 110 tons of gold.  Turns out they didn't take possession of it though.  Good thing they didn't ask for possession because it turns out that that gold didn't even exist.  It is becoming more and more apparent as all the gory details emerge, that the gold bears are at extreme risk should more than a couple of these bigger buyers ask for delivery at the same time.  Because if that were to happen, somebody isn't going to get their gold.  Not at today's price. Possibly not at any price. The member banks of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) sell gold to clients, then offer to hold it for them and charge a hefty fee to store it.  Of all the gold they have sold and supposedly actually have physical possession of, in storage, do you know what percentage they 'really have'?  1%  They're supposed to have 100% of it.  They have 1% of it.  How's that for a recipe for disaster?


Mike Breaux's "Opex " chart .....neat......

support at half the 175 high

Crikey..this was on BBC !



Here is a geometric chart.I used the square of 360 for the key levels,boxed off the first range and extended it 3 times



one of my favourite bellwethers (copper stock)


Tuesday 27 September 2011

Gann360 - Gann cycles.....Gann360 can be followed on Twitter and posts reallly interesting charts


Columbia's update,showing the critical levels



AAPL attempted to break the LHBH (last high before high) and appears to have failed....confirmation of the bear setup from the 90 day cycle reversal.Now trading below 400 resistance.

Sellllllllll !

Elliott trader count


The Dax has formed a double bottom on the 2 support levels 5077,5130 - look at the long tails on the candles (see post on Sep 14) Today was a gap up and bullish white candle

Gann360 s&p chart...looks like a good entry


Euro - 3rd LH setting up ?

Monday 26 September 2011

nice post from Serge...note we got sell signal on AAPL off the 90 day solstice-equinox cycle



Here is Elliot Trader's short-term wave count for the Dow - note gap