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Saturday 31 March 2012


Looks to be losing momentum.The horizontal lines are 38 and 50% retracements.Does not inspire me with confidence that Japan may be starting a bull market.


Apple formed a Doji on the weekly chart and a bearish Doji evening star on the daily.This chart is a square based on the current range (300 points) and 1 year from June 20 low.I marked in April 20 as price will equal time (300 degrees)The June - November low to low cycle also balances around then.

XRT (retail sector)

Friday 30 March 2012

very putative 5 min count


The middle chart is the SPY,top one is Ftse,with 10,21,40 dma's Bottom chart is Ftse250.Moving aves show the  Ftse100 in a weaker position


Dax weekly Gann lines

The blue 20x1 is support



This run has lasted 18 weeks. 90 trading days is a cycle that can sometimes see a reversal


Thursday 29 March 2012

looks like we nailed BARC yesterday....down 4% today !

This setup I posted a couple of times recently is looking good.Seems to have a clear break down from the "rainbow"


The bullish setup posted a few weeks ago seems to have failed

FTSE Lower high confirmed

We got nice follow through today,with a large black candle confirming the lower high

Here is the other Gann angle chart,with spaces left for holidays/weekends (ie calendar time)

and 2 charts from Investors Intelligence

Wednesday 28 March 2012

30 year bond ,chart from Kimble




Nice head and shoulders

There are fewer and fewer bears,with all the CB's liquidity floating all before it. Here is one http://sqwiitrader.com/free-daily-edition-for-28th-march-2012/
and a RUT chart from the post

More Fraud ?


Tuesday 27 March 2012


Looking for a 3rd low here to buy.It may already be in  but safest to watch the 21 dma for a turn and price push above.Cycles show a clear 6 months down from April into October,next low probably next week (at 30 ?)

Charles Nenner


Andy Xie on the prospect of yen devaluation

Janet Tavakoli

Excellent video from Jesse's Cafe on endemic fraud and cover-ups in structured finance and derivatives
Janet asks "Whay aren't more people in jail?"





Ftse still looks much weaker than the SPX. Bears need to see this swing fail ,confirming the false break/double top pattern.The moving averages seem to be converging.

Monday 26 March 2012

More James Grant



Vedanta Resources

I think we decline into the cycle cluster although it may be a 5th wave up.Should know soon

Beans equal 14 week cycles

Sunday 25 March 2012


interesting to see how Gann's natural time dates operated on this 6 month rising wedge rally

and a FTSE chart from Sqwii

and S&P chart from Sqwii


Saturday 24 March 2012

Ftse250 elliott count

I have mentioned Gann's concept of "natural time" often.The year is divided into fractions,with the 4 equinox and solstice dates being the main marker.Changes in trend are often seen around these dates.We may just have seen a 3rd successive low in gold on such a date.This chart from Kimble illustrates this principle in action


Friday 23 March 2012

Gold breaks up from declining wedge

This is Humblestudent's version of the wedge I have posted,with the breakout today


this is not a forecast,just a look at measured moves and one possible scenario




The first range up in a move can be used as a reference range. 3x the base will often mark a high,or at least resistance.


FTSE broke the 10x1 line (coloured red) so is in a weak position now.We met a measured move target (wavers would say A=C) and got a false break (or Pinocchio) pattern which is effectively a double top.The Gann 90 day/ 900 point square also seems to have been effective.Lets see if the bear angles start to define a new downtrend.

Thursday 22 March 2012

Buy one get one free

Breakout on volume

Dow 90 weeks,3600 points

The weekly fib counts are also interesting on this.The closing low in July 2010 was 9686 Add 3600= 13286.the low to high 44 week cycle is balanced by the 44 (actually 45) week time span to the recent high.So significant cycles are present but we need a reversal to confirm.

FTSE weekly Macd sell