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Tuesday 30 September 2014

2 bearish looking charts

from Ron Walker,with my annotations showing double top in 3rd lower high position

and Dax  (2 hour chart)

Monday 29 September 2014


Hourly Ichimoku (Ron Walker)

Sunday 28 September 2014


some Elliot Wave analysis

Saturday 27 September 2014


best guess looking at some simple cycles,trendline and 50% retrace. Emphasis on "guess"
edit....I think it will do a 0.618 retrace most likely but the 50% is a decent marker
measured move (red arrows) supports

channel support

(Ftse 2 Hr)




Interesting that on the SPY 3 times the low pretty well nailed the high. The green line is now resistance
(Wednesday was an outside day so some would argue its doesnt count on a swing chart.Nevertheless I  would count it and would counter that on a 4 hr swing chart it would clearly show up as a range) In addition Wednesday's high was a failed attempt to regain resistance from the green line hi/lo resistance line)


Thursday 25 September 2014

Wednesday 24 September 2014


Looks like a double top at 4500,as mentioned in weekend post.Important resistance at neckline, 4375 Murrey level


for now the assumption is we got a high on the 2025 day cycle (Sunday and Equinox weekend)
conservative traders could wait for the first lower high to confirm (Gann's "safest place to sell")

Tuesday 23 September 2014


Found support from the ichimoku cloud and the 2 period ma

Monday 22 September 2014

too dangerous to call a bottom but nice hammer,decent volume

Dax 4 hr candles

Sunday 21 September 2014


double top at 2x the low,60* move,lower hgh in place,1x2 resistance

zero angle chart for the Dax (with 200 ma


nice chart from Swing Trade Cycles blog   swingcycles.blogspot.co.uk



Putting the bankster foxes in charge of the BBC henhouse

Saturday 20 September 2014



the Scottish Referendum was a "sell the news"event for sterling ,with a bearish gravestone doji printed on the weekly cable chart.I suspect sideways volatility before lower prices is the most likely option



a UK penny stock I have posted  a chart of before.Bullish engulfing candle at trendline support

I added another "zero angle" Gann fan,this time using the date of the 1343 major low.The 3x1 was at 2019 on Friday (673 days times 3)
 673 + 1343 = 2016 (the 1x1 from that low),and (as I have been saying ) 2015 is 50% (1.5 x1343.35)

S&P,Angles from zero,2025

We just failed to tag 2025 on Friday,but came darned close.Time reaches 2025 tomorrow (Sunday) so it will be interesting to see if the market reacts to this symmetry of price and time.

Nice reversal candle in Dax back below 78.6% retracement.Suspect we have our lower high

Thursday 18 September 2014


A 100% move (almost) {Gann} and a completed or almost complete Elliott Wave count ?

from Sentiment Trader website


Wednesday 17 September 2014

on the 15 mn chart we have a double top at 2010-11 and our Gann clustered res is around 2007.5,so this could be a sellable top against the highs ,or maybe a correction and one more push a little higher ?

A break back below the cloud would probably be a decent signal for bears (Chart from Ron Walker's public list)


forming an inverse Hns ?


Tuesday 16 September 2014

200ema,60 min chart



a couple of bullish hammer candles forming,3 month decline,5 waves......may be forming a bottom ?
My last post a few weeks ago was looking for 90,which was almost tagged

Coffee (Dec contract)

since we topped near 216 which is144 x 1.5, I added some levels from the square of 144
last few days could be a small bear flag


IHS on the hourly chart