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Tuesday 31 January 2012

chart from Kimble Solutions

Ron Walker charts...momentum signal and 30 min wedge backtest

Joanne Klein's Dow chart

and AAPL .....loks like minor 5 about done here ?


10 year yields  in Europe      ( from  thekeystonespeculator.blogspot.com)

Greece 34.27%
Portugal 16.81%
Hungary 8.93%
Italy 6.00%
Spain 5.01%
Belgium 3.69%
France 3.06%
U.K. 2.03%
U.S. 1.87%
Germany 1.83%


This chart is suggesting a sell signal.We broke the trend line and posted a hanging-man candle.I wouldn't rule out a squeeze to test the high.


Ftse wedge break

Ftse got a clean break from the wedge today and there is also a false breakout from the October high.The Ftse chart looks cleaner reversal than say the Dax or S&P...is it leading ?


Monday 30 January 2012

Pinocchio update...



here is a possible measured move projection on Ftse250,aligning with fib retracement.We have a second failure in the 50% retracement,Gan 10800 level


For rugby fans

..but maybe not good memories for England supporters !

I was fortunate to be invited to a dinner with the England sqaud before that fateful  tour that virtually destroyed Tony Underwood's international career !

2 nice charts from Springheel Jack        http://www.channelsandpatterns.com/2012/01/short-term-high-made-i-think.html

Euro - Gann cycle symmetry


Rallying into resistance,massive overhead supply,200dma in strong downtrend

Sunday 29 January 2012

My thoughts are that we could move down from this circled area this week,setting up a "false break" sell signal

Elliott Trader's latest video



another interesting chart from Gann360



Looks like Thursday was a reversal day and Friday we edged out of the rising wedge

IF we topped on Thursday (which is by no means clear yet) the market could be headed for 115-116 SPY



The reversal day on Friday may signal start of another leg down.We retraced 61.5% and ran up 25% from the low





I'm unsure about gold at the moment.I wasn't expecting last week's break out of the triangle.Someone told me it will correct becuase volume on GLD was weak,but volume on the futures appears to have been larger than normal.I am very bullish longer term though as I believe central banks will keep debasing their currencies and emerging economies like China will keep accumulating.If this move fails it may do so in the 50-62.5% retracement zone shown.


may be forming a triple top in a cycle convergence zone,if so expect a fast reversal



The monthly and quarterly charts look pretty bullish,so this needs to reverse soon or bears will be scratching their heads.Week 6 of this latest fast move up...7 week Gann Death zone ?


Saturday 28 January 2012

Top Picker ?

this chart is from Breakpoint Trades public list

Chart from Joanne Klein (check out her public list at Stockcharts)


Barclays - ending ABC rally ?

This is  Barclays Bank with Murrey Math lines ,Gann angles and an atttempt at an Elliott wave count.Looks like we may be be finishing 4 and ready for 5 down.

these are weekly charts but the angles are daily eg 1x1 is 1 point per day

SPX mechanical trend signals

Mechanical trend follower ? 2 dma of low or high with1 day displacement.Break of 2 dma of low would trigger sell and 2 dma of high would be trailing stop

S&P Gann fans

major buy signal for gold for sterling investors


Ftse weekly Doji

Friday 27 January 2012

charts from Ron Walker

US in worse state than Europe

Peter Schiff vid

I'm not sure this rally has much further to go


Thursday 26 January 2012

Today we got a shooting star candle on the Dow .Lets see if we can get some follow-through and a reversal.The S&P reversed off the 1333 level,2x the low. We are 3 months from the high in October and near the apex of the rising wedge pattern

Ftse got a lower low,could be a False break pattern



CMG - Top at 360 ?

Well no offer of QE3 from Bernanke yet the US markets (and gold) shot higher.Pretty hard to understand what is going on but I think bears just need to be patient.The European markets feel tired,which is hardly surprising given the economic and political backdrop.I will just post the one chart which is a simple trendline from the highs on the S&P,posted by Sqwii on his blog (link on bloglist) His 1330 resistance zone is close to 1333 which is significant from a Gann perspective as it is twice the 666 low.I also had some EW targets around 1333 in a chart I posted a few days ago.

  I really expected markets to have topped by now,with the various  cycles that clustered .Today was 1080 trading days from the 1576 top,potentially another turn day. We also got aVix sell signal today for stocks,with the Vix closing back above the bollinger band


The 7 month "Gann death zone" cycle is still in play if today's gap up proves to be an exahaustion

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Cocoa rally may be about done,with 50% retrace hit and upper bollinger.Could see 1800 on next leg down.No reversal yet though


Burritos !

 cycle convergence from last Jan's low