It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. Henry Ford

Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. Benjamin Franklin

The idea that you know what is true is dangerous, for it keeps you imprisoned in the mind. It is when you do not know, that you are free to investigate. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Saturday 30 December 2017

Gold....time to shine ?

Gann 3rd HL setup.December candle very positive and maybe nullifies September

Sunday 24 December 2017

Happy Christmas to all long-suffering readers.I apologise for the recent paucity of posts.....have been finding it difficult to add value in these markets and otherwise occupied.Lets see what 2018 brings....


weekly chart

Thursday 14 December 2017


looks like I was wrong in my bull call on Dax today's candle was bearish and we should once again head lower to test support from the June highs around 12950 area

Wednesday 13 December 2017


seems to be approaching decent support

Tuesday 12 December 2017

CAPE ratio

from Tim Price

the CAPE ratio is not a timing measure but is a good indictor for long-term investors as to how far from fair value we are. Interest rates and free money are of course the other part of the equation

Peaking share buybacks add another sign for caution


this chart is 2 days old but shows a possible arc distribution patter



Thursday 7 December 2017

Monday 4 December 2017


we could see an overshoot of say 200 points but I would expect a  retracement in the New Year from the 12000 zone


FANGz for the memories ?

Naz first LH now in place on 4h chart,50 period ma now resistance

Saturday 2 December 2017


a bearish weekly candle and a potential double top....I am reluctant to get too bearish in December,given seasonality,but it it is hard to be bullish

Tuesday 28 November 2017

NY Cocoa

Cocoa still appears to be base building.All bets are off if we break 1800 but I think this base should support much higher prices next year

Monday 27 November 2017

Originally posted by Bobo at Danerics,for which many thanks :-)

Paul Joseph Watson
November 27, 2017
CNN is now pushing an effort to “ban the term fake news” after the slogan became synonymous with CNN itself thanks to President Donald Trump.
In a CNN opinion piece written by Hossein Derakhshan and Claire Wardle, who are affiliated with the globalist Council of Europe, the authors argue that the term “fake news” has “become meaningless” and lost its power because politicians (primarily Donald Trump) have hijacked it as a way to “undermine” the media establishment.
The authors decry the fact that many people now believe the mainstream media peddles “fabricated stories” and that information monopolies are being challenged by the ability for “anyone in the world” to have a platform.
Complaining that “less powerful agents can harm large institutions or established individuals,” Derakhshan and Wardle warn that trust in institutions is declining and that only through intervention at the level of “public education” (ie indoctrination) can this be reversed.
Of course, the real reason media elites want to clamp down on the term “fake news” is because its original intention, to smear and discredit opponents of Hillary Clinton, right of center media outlets, and people who distrust the mainstream media, has completely backfired.
This was illustrated yet again by Donald Trump’s tweet earlier today when he suggested that a “fake news trophy” should be awarded to the network that has been responsible for the most inaccurate reporting.
“Fake news” was one of many excuses trotted out after November last year to push the narrative that President Trump’s election was somehow illegitimate.
In reality, a major Stanford University study found that “even the most widely circulated fake news stories were seen by only a small fraction of Americans,” and that the most widely believed fake news stories were those that benefited Hillary Clinton.
Fake news had virtually no impact on the election, but the establishment media weaponized the term as part of an agenda to silence and censor voices of dissent, including media platforms, that had opposed Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.
In addition, mainstream media news coverage in the weeks leading up to the election was 91% negative towards Trump, according to a study by the Media Research Center.
The Podesta emails also revealed how mainstream journalists were completely in bed with the Clinton campaign and even ran stories by them before publication.
The “fake news” narrative has completely backfired on the political establishment and the media because it has acted as a boomerang, showing the mainstream media to be the most consistently dishonest entity of all.
Is it any wonder therefore that the political class is now so keen to retire the term altogether?

Tuesday 14 November 2017

NY cocoa

cocoa accelerating off its 3rd low,last week's candle looks pretty compelling

Nigel Farage on George Soros....brilliant


Saturday 11 November 2017

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
November 10, 2017
During an appearance on a radio show, former DNC chair Donna Brazile said, “I hope to God we find out who murdered Seth Rich.”
Speaking with SiriusXM host Mark Thompson, Brazile, whose explosive new book Hacks has caused embarrassment for the Democratic establishment, spoke of her deep affection for Rich.
“He was my child. I loved him. He worked in the voting rights division, I was the vice chair over that division. He was one of two staff people. I love him, I miss him. He was a patriot,” said Brazile.
“I hope to God we find out who murdered Seth Rich,” she added.
Beginning to cry, Brazile responded to a question about her feeling responsible for his death by stating, “He was my child….I have been in politics all my adult life, the only children I have are the children that I have hired. They’re my children.”
In her book, Brazile also reveals that she was frightened for her life after Rich’s murder, beefing up her home surveillance and shutting the blinds in her office so she could not be seen by snipers.
The murder of Seth Rich remains unsolved, but the mainstream media continues to dismiss any questions about it as “conspiracy theories”.
Back in August, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh said he saw an FBI report leaked to him by an insider which confirmed that Rich had contacted Wikileaks with sample emails from the DNC leak and asked for payment for the full data dump.
Rich was murdered in an upscale area of Washington DC on July 10 last year but the killer or killers did not steal anything from the victim, rendering the police’s explanation that the incident was a robbery gone wrong doubtful.
Infowars reported on the questions surrounding Seth Rich’s murder multiple times back in August last year, including how there was around an hour and a half of “unaccounted for” time between Rich leaving a bar and being killed.
Brad Bauman, a crisis communications manager for the Democratic Party, was hired by RIch’s family to act as their spokesman. Bauman’s first action was to insist that people stop questioning the unsolved circumstances behind Rich’s murder.
For many the Democratic establishment’s attitude to leakers was crystallized by an email John Podesta sent to the Clinton campaign’s inner circle in February 2015, when he remarked, “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.”

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Tuesday 7 November 2017


early warning signs for the bullish breakout scenario here...failed breakout this morning and candle looking bearish (with afternoon session still to come)......I established a small short position

there is a 90 week cycle possibly in play from the  5500 low

Saturday 4 November 2017

Thursday 2 November 2017


today's move produced a very strong daily candle and on the monthly chart it appears to be breaking out of a bullish pennant. Obviously the weakness of sterling is having a positive effect on the market and maybe it feels that was the last rate hike for some time ?
The market needs to close below 7521 (mid-point of today's candle body) to throw the bullish case into doubt

Wednesday 1 November 2017


Tuesday 31 October 2017


could be forming a small base here

Monday 30 October 2017


RBS looks to face significant resistance directly overhead

Sunday 29 October 2017


equality on 2 major ranges

Friday 27 October 2017

Thursday 26 October 2017


the triple top pattern got confirmation yesterday.Lots of Gann relationships,squares and symmetry evident at this reversal

Wednesday 25 October 2017

bears need some downside traction soon...

Monday 23 October 2017


there seems plenty of support if IBB pulls back from here


this was posted a while back


could be 3 drives to a high within the overall large expanding pattern


there seem to some good Gann symmetry about the recent high on TRAN 

10000 - 6400 =3600  (squares of 10,8 and 6 in play)
Time = 90 weeks and 640 days

we need to see a confirmed 3 top pattern at 10000 to suggest a swing lower

Thursday 19 October 2017

is 2560 a significant level (like 12960 was for the Dax ) ?

Monday 16 October 2017


we have an overthrow but the final 5th (if that is what it is) could extend further

Thursday 12 October 2017

this is the FTSE futures chart,and we had a doji candle today

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Nasdaq100 -
4000 to 6000 is a 50% move and current pattern looks like an ending diagonal

line chart with simple trendlines

Friday 6 October 2017


Ftse has surged the last few days ,partly following sterling weakness,but also no doubt to the move in the US.There should be resistance at this upper trendline



RSI in nosebleed territory

Saturday 30 September 2017


- He also said that the Washington lawmakers involved in Russia-bashing close their eyes to repeated meddling by the US in the internal affairs and electoral processes in many other countries. “I would like our government to talk about our involvement in campaigns, most recently in Ukraine

The anti-Russian hysteria was stirred up in the US to draw people’s attention away from real problems, Paul said, adding that he is more concerned about a crisis in US relations with Russia as well as US actions in Syria

Tuesday 26 September 2017


seems to be confirming a move down from 7300 resistance

Nasdaq update (see TAS setup,NDX post Sep 15)


  1. You don’t get something for nothing. A prosperous economy requires real work, real sacrifice (savings), and real investment.
  2. Real money represents real things – especially time. Real things are limited. Real money must be limited, too. If not, it is fake.
  3. Real money is earned by real people who produce goods and services of real value. Fake money is conjured up and controlled by insiders in the financial sector, and it is made available at preferential rates to other large Establishment players. Government (or, more broadly, the Deep State), big business, and Wall Street are the main beneficiaries.
  4. Since 1971, the U.S. has had fake money (not attached to gold). This has been the reserve currency of the entire world financial system. This has misled investors, voters, consumers, and businesses. It causes them to believe things that aren’t true – that they have almost unlimited credit, for example… that they can afford an expensive empire overseas and a costly welfare state at home… or that they can run up debts and grow their way out of them.
  5. As more and more of the nation’s resources are captured by fake money and directed into unproductive uses – consumption, bad investments, government, war, paperwork, and regulatory compliance – GDP growth, “real” (inflation-adjusted) wage growth, productivity growth, and other markers of genuine prosperity decline.
  6. All “wealth” created by fake money is fraudulent and/or temporary. Look for it to go back whence it came.
That is the background economic-monetary outlook.

We are in our fourth decade of the fake-money system. And its distortions and corruptions are now catching up to us.
It is a system that runs on credit, not on wealth. But the world’s credit is getting thin. Total world credit now exceeds $230 trillion, with about $60 trillion added since the debt crisis of 2008.
Since the output of the world is not enough to carry these debts – not to mention the promises made to future retirees – they will have to be offloaded, one way or another, either by bankruptcy (deflation) or more money printing (inflation).
That is the story we’ve been following for the last 18 years.
Meanwhile, there is also politics. It has wound itself about the economy’s neck like a python suffocating a jogger.

Sunday 24 September 2017

Thursday 21 September 2017

Cable gap fill

Gann's percentages rule applied to DGE