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Wednesday 31 July 2013






Tuesday 30 July 2013

Ftse pitchforks

I added the candle chart this morning....2 haramis,today's a bearish hammer,I think Ftse will start to follow the Nikkei down soon

quote :

 "If I had to pick the most astonishing aspect of this episode so far, it would be that everyone now knows that the Obama administration's top national security official, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, outright lied to the Senate about NSA programs. And yet - as I said on ABC yesterday morning - not only isn't he being prosecuted for that crime - as much of a crime as anything Edward Snowden is accused of doing - but he still has his job. That, of course, is because the "law" does not apply to high-level Washington officials and DC's National Security State is an accountability-free zone. But the law that makes Clapper's behavior a felony is clear and concise, and can be read here."


an alternative to TSLA ?  http://beta.fool.com/studyearnenjoy/2013/07/15/why-i-think-tesla-is-a-terrible-investment/39971/?source=TheMotleyFool

monthly candle chart looks great


Dow 4 times the base

I updated the 3 times the base chart I posted on the Dow a while back and noticed we are finding resistance at 4x the base.Watch to see if either we firmly reject this level (which would also be a double top) or if it breaks clear,signalling higher levels

this is gold with the 600 point range from 1800 to 1200 circle numbers and a yearly cycle off the high and Gann angles.The arrows are just a guess of one possible roadmap based on the cycles,angles and my thought that any bottom would likely be some kind of IHS
 Sticking with Gann's circle numbers if we take the range from the high as 720 (approximating 1920-1200) and convert it to time this is 2 years (720 degrees time) which could give a time pivot in early September.

These are NOT forecasts,just my best guess at a roadmap at the current time and a bit of fun :-)


I would read this chart as a having given an early  sell signal yesterday

the chart below is a wave count for the S&P from Doc Barton


Monday 29 July 2013

chart from Geno with a comprehensive indicator update at

Sqwii's weekly update...one more blowoff ?



bull flag  ?

amazing info on BOE reserves/machinations

Sunday 28 July 2013


Chart by Coolbizone


great video from Max Keiser

Saturday 27 July 2013




square of 144 resistance levels seem to operative.Possible HL and regained the 20,40

some nice charts from Doc Barton :


Friday 26 July 2013

Japanese kiss benefits of price stability goodbye: item by item, prices of consumer goods are going up, anywhere from soaring to creeping. On one end of the price increase spectrum are digital cameras (up 61%), TVs (up 33%), Windows 8 PCs (up 23%) from their lows of 2012, on stagnating sales volume! On the other end of the spectrum, leading dairy products maker Meiji announced that it would raise prices on 16 milk products by 1% to 4% on October 1. Raw-milk prices, negotiated between producers and buyers every fiscal year, will increase by ¥5 per kilogram at the same time. Meiji’s competitors are expected to match those price increases. Missing link in this equation: wage increases. But somebody has to pay for Abenomics.

(from Testosterone Pit)

Is this the future for all of us ?

funny we don't see much discussion of this sort of thing in the mainstream media ?


chart by Ron Walker


we do have divergence and a sell signal on macd

2hr chart looks weak

watching to see if we spike back above the offset 3 dma and pierce 1700.If we do a subsequent break of the ma should be a good sell signal. We could have a top already but I would prefer to have seen a more violent reversal,or a long tail,as at the last top

Thursday 25 July 2013


I have marked a 3rd bottom but this needs to be confirmed.Trendlines through a gap often mark support and if this is a 3rd bottom we should accelerate higher. I posted the setup with Gann support levels a few weeks ago and so far it is holding.We are above the moving aves,which is positive

Dow minis

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Kimble chart


some interesting stuff on concentration of power in the corporate world.Recall Ron Paul's speech where he claimed the US was turning into a "corporate fascist state"

"Today the top fifty companies in the 'super-entity' list of 147 from the above study is concerning. Out of the fifty, 17 are banks, 31 are an assortment of investment, insurance, and financial services companies, and only 2 are non-financial companies (Walmart and China Petrochemical)"
early sell signal ? today's high would be the stop


If we can break the previous 2 lows and confirm with a HL then it could be some kind of head of IHS is forming.As it is there is much resistance here. The wild card is the high level of shorts ...


just playng around with some measured moves and cycles (4 and 24 month) No sell signal yet though

Trader Dan...gold and "Washington crap"

I do think a decent correction is imminent but this is a good quote (from Trader Dan) to bear in mind

"As long as the US Dollar is the whipping boy of the Forex markets, as it has been of late, bears will have their work cut out for them. We might very well be seeing the market shift back to focusing on the budget battle once again in the US. The government will be up against its borrowing limit soon and that means more of the usual crap that comes out of Washington.!


Tuesday 23 July 2013

Steve Baker

Peter Kuznick and Oliver Stone - Great video


Gold in sterling

this wave count may be wrong but just looking at the candles I am not convinced we have seen the low yet. Maybe it needs to retrace 61.% ?

http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=058_1374559055    Goldman Sachs and the price of beer
“An international monetary system dominated by a single sovereign sovereign currency has intensified the concentration of risk and the spread of the crisis.” — People’s Bank of China (2009)
It should go without saying that China and Russia have designs to end the U.S. Dollar hegemony free ride. This is fundamental to understand and will be a game changer. The impacts on the standard of living of these players will be profound and especially negative for the U.S. How and in what manner this plays out is the question. I strongly believe that the answer lies in two parts: letting the U.S. put a noose around its own neck and then at the appropriate time, kicking the chair out from under it.



almost at the resistance zone

Monday 22 July 2013

chart from MPGTrader


Surprisingly,this chart still looks very constructive

interesting,Jim Rogers has started buying China


interesting chart from Joseph Wertz's Stockchart's public list

Sunday 21 July 2013


The first chart was posted by someone in the comments section. The line chart overlay is the MFI (money flow index)

2 charts from Joanne Klein  (Stockcharts public lists,"Above the Green Line")


so far a pretty shallow correction,a sign of an underlying strong trend


Doc Barton  HUI setup

wave count

This chart is from Korelli's blog


looks like very limited upside here given the overthrow of the Gann line and bollinger band.Even if this is a huge bull market a decent retracement seems likely soon