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Saturday 30 April 2011






sector charts

this public list by Patrick Karim has some excellent sector charts ! Quite a few look to be rolling over eg consumer discretionary and mining

this count from Binve makes sense to me !




well the euro shot through my 1.44-45 resistance zone as confidence in the dollar continues to plummet.
 Looking very overstretched vs the 77 dma and heading into a 6 month cycle.1 year cycle from low kicks in in June



Very tough resistance immediately overhead


The Russell faces severe overhead resistance


 Ron Walker's chart shows that,short-term we may have started to break from a rising wedge



much better than KAZ.......some support here and 200dma (not shown is supportive).Neutral on this till it is clearer..copper price not supportive at moment

matching ranges ?


Friday 29 April 2011


Chart of the dollar index from Columbia


  and chart from Gann360




One of the more bearish of the mining charts....DT in a LH position


Dow running up into 33% resistance from the low



Lower highs and a bearish weekly candle forming

Thursday 28 April 2011




here is a shorter term chart of Harmony...quite extended so a consolidation would seem likely,maybe 3 months

probably not a correct wave count but we are near the top of the channel


could be a bull flag but still think a correction likely.Macd looks weak


Breakout ?

This chart from Mike Breaux seems to me a good way to play the market.I really have trouble with all the bullish wave counts and I am not going to go into fundamentals (trash the dollar/inflate asset prices) but fighting the tape is not a good idea ad a system like this will keep you on board.

From a Gann pov we still have some cycles and symmetry that make me nervous but breaking above 3 tops is a clear buy signal and we have LH above 1333.5 (twice the low) on the intraday charts if not yet on the daily


this chart from Mike gives a different perspective which is one reason why bulls need to be on guard.



well,it was a bull flag..I am quite surprised !

interesting price and time symmetry plus there is the 1 year anniversary from the April 26 high.

Wednesday 27 April 2011

 (charts from Ron Walker)

Harmony Gold Mining

looks really bullish !

Burberry update

 see Tuesday's post...looks like an exhaustion with overthrow of the wedge and slow stochs crossing


break of this channel needed to clarify next move