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Sunday 30 January 2011

CAC bear setup

When a market cannot even retrace 50% it is a sign of weakness.We need a lower low next week to confirm a likely triple top...very bearish looking chart

50% of a major range Gann pressure point

Ftse ribbons chart




Nice OEX chart from Apart...also check out his Nasdaq chart with 50% retracement  



S&P 144 vibration


Saturday 29 January 2011

Dax dojis


Hong Kong

a lot of charts show the potential for being in very big triangular consolidations

US Banks

barring a strong day Monday the monthly candle will look ugly


Ftse retail sector

I posted this a couple of weeks ago.Clear sell signal,broken below the retracement zone,head and shoulder,high at 360.......ugly

Range equality and natural squares

956-666=290       1301-1011= 290  (essentially 2x square of 144)   time from l011 low 145 days  wedge formed by 2 gann lines broken





Triangle ?




Ftse square


Templeton Emerging markets

Since last posting this chart we have a potential double top and piercing of the uptrend line.Looks vulnerable after such a strong run.Marc Faber is predicting a 10% correction in the S&P but 30% in emerhing markets..........

huge move in vix !  chart from charpatterntrader

Friday 28 January 2011

This trendline broke this morning and selling has accelerated


Amazon was very weak in the after market following results...this is the chart first posted a couple of weeks ago.Bear cross on weekly macd says more downside to come

Dax ending diagonal ?

...and neg divergence on rsi.Low 3600 (3589)....3600x2=7200


coming to support ....will it bounce from 1300 area ?


Is the top in ? Another detailed elliott count from Joe..........dollar rally would help


Thursday 27 January 2011



Standard Chartered

A "strong bank" with Asian exposure ...gap down below ema's


weak 1 day counter-trend rally ? miners nervous about China