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Sunday 30 June 2013


Crude is still holding the 8x1 which is bullish but last week's candle was a bearish engulfing candle.I lean to the view that we get a fast move down but it needs to break the bullish angles first, Can we really have a fast move up when gold is crashing and deflation fears growing ?


another level to watch if it does break higher is 1029, 3 times the low at 343
am tracking the Dow with 1/8 retracements,pitchfork,Gann emblem cycles and 21,34 dema,s as trend indicator.Have the ema's signalled a trend change or is it a "hook"  ?


this is a close up of the SPX weekly chart I posted on Friday.We closed below the 1612.5 resistance level and had a LL and LH on the week,so the weekly downtrend is intact

here is the full chart

here is the daily chart.I would be on the watch for a spike higher to fill the gap then reverse,especially as we might see a holiday "pop".The blue angle is important resistance


Weekly candles.We are approaching 50% of the range which may offer support but I think 1800 area is target here


Greenspan on tapering
Thanks to TraderMoe for this link. I frankly find it astounding that only now are academics beginning to consider that monetary policy can create credit bubbles.Where have these guys been living the last 30 years ?

Wave analysis of the Ftse by Nouf


Saturday 29 June 2013


Gold needs to stabilise in the 50-62.5% "box" retracement zone


SPX Time

3 month time retracement ?

Friday 28 June 2013

I haven't commented on gold's recent falls,which are quite frankly astounding.One can read about the conspiracy theories (like the interesting article yesterday by Jesse's Cafe) but frankly I dont want to get drawn into that emotional quagmire :-)
Luckily I was cautious just from looking at the charts and haven't recommended a buy for some time (the last setup failed and I had noted the bearish weekly chart) I did believe that physical prices were not following paper down but now some are saying this is not the case.I do believe gold will recover strongly and make new highs in the next 2-3 years but there is no technical evidence for that currently,it is a macro view because I dont believe we are anywhere near the end of Central banks printing money

I thought this was a good article

here are the weekly Gann angles and 2 big Gann resistance levels figured off the 2 major lows in this bull campaign

The declining 2x1 is in charge until it isn't
1515 is 50% retracement....a strong bull will stay above this.The angle support is 1498 and rising 5 pts every week.I'm leaning toward a fast move down to 1500-20 area if we get confirmation of a 3rd LH on the daily chart

SpX Gann resistance levels and angles (calendar time) 3rd LH setup

looks like a small reversal bar (inverted hammer in candle terminology) at 162 which is the first 1/8 level above 144 (square of 144) It really is bears' for the taking now,with the angles and moving averages all set up.....will they drop the ball  again ?

Thursday 27 June 2013







someone asked me where to put your stop if you are long this stock.First I am not a licensed investment advisor but speaking from a purely technical perspective I would operate from the assumption that we have gapped up out of a base formation and that it "should" break upwards and will be supported by the 20 amd 40 dma so you could trail a stop under one of the moving aves depending on your risk tolerance. I would probably abort the bullish view if the lower (upward sloping trendline) broke


now below the moving ave (which should act as resistance ?)


here is a longer term chart.The rally was basically a 50% move in a 1 year time cycle.Looks like an elliott ABC correction

Gann Lessons


 Some good stuff from Market Analyst. Not sure why so much of the Gann stuff comes out of Australia,but good on the Ozzies :-)


Still holding broken support at 25

squares of odd numbers

ichimoku (hourly chart from Coolbizone)

OJ setup working nicely

this was posted at the beginning of June



chart by Coolbizone. Moving averages resistance just above price. The 200 dma was support once again

Wednesday 26 June 2013

still looking for this rally to fail soon,should be at least another leg even if this is just a correction.
For the moment price is above both moving averages but the 40 is still declining

Go for yer gun !


could 144 mark the top ?

So here’s something that has turned out to be prescient – from David Stockman’s The Great Deformation, Chapter 23. The stock market in 2007 “had been taken over by white-collar financial hoodlums who needed a trading fix every day” but then were “asserting an entitlement” to policy actions “to keep the casino running at full tilt,” he wrote. The Fed stepped in, and by “the second week of October the market was up 10 percent, enabling the S&P 500 to reach its historic peak of 1,565....” On Monday, its intraday low was 1,561. Read.... David Stockman: When The Fed Capitulated To Financial Hoodlums


Lots of resistance here now although it is end of quarter so we could see it hold here or push a little higher

(The ma's are 8,21,34 exponential )
Peter Schiff video   "Bernie Madoff should be Secretary of the Treasury"  !


Tuesday 25 June 2013


Nadeem Walayat - Debt Slaves


Monday 24 June 2013


inverted hammer forming below the 40 pma ?


This looks quite nasty...


this setup is turning out well (see post June 1st)  Watching 625 Murrey Math level for support

Sunday 23 June 2013

SPY sq of 144 levels

this looks more obviously bearish than some of the other indices  I think

Ed Griffin video


very insightful video

Saturday 22 June 2013


close-up of Murrey Math chart posted earlier this week


the break from this triangle should be a huge move...I put in some bull angles for the time being but will add bear angles if we weaken from here.This looks bullish for the time being but the monthly candle has a long tail at the moment,which is bearish

Michael Hastings


SPX weekly Gann angles and candle patterns

last weeks candle was a bearish engulfing.Last weeks high looks like a good stop for swing trades

 from a Gann perspective it would be unusual if this was "the top" as the last range was bigger than the preceeding one (normally tops are preceded by contracting ranges). Does this mean Nenner's call was wrong ?


I am experimenting with Gann angles based on 0.618 and the 1x1 is offering support currently,along with the 2007 high, 157.52. I do think it will break but may take a while.Lots of things seem to point to a low late July

I posted this a few weeks ago.The combination of murrey math and Gann 50% off the low nailed an important looking top for the French index. Fundamentally France has a lot of problems and I like the downside potential here

Friday 21 June 2013

The RUT broke the 3 lows on the 4th attempt.Blue lines represent measured moves (move up from gap = move down from gap ? and into gap support,one possibility)