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Sunday 31 October 2010

200 week sma


There is a possible square of time and price here

Templeton Emerging Markets

  Shooting star reversal pattern on the monthly charts.There is also a gap on the chart.


Saturday 30 October 2010

FTSE weekly swing/935 point ranges

On the weekly we had a red reversal bar that engulfed the previous week's range,so the top may be in -a lower low next week would turn the weekly trend chart down and add confirmation.Next week may be volatile in the US however,with election and Fed meeting so we cannot assume anything yet.I have marked in swing levels based on the previous 935 point range down .

On this chart we can see that the 935 point range (+/-20 pts) is a common range for the ftse







Gann square on IBM

144 is an important Gann cycle,being the square of 12. IBM found support at 72,half the square and has rallied 72 points,to 144,in 710 calendar days.In 10 more days price and time will be square (assuming price remains below 144) so COT may occur


someone in the CIL I use referred to this as 2 dunces' hats.............
Note doji on the weekly chart...


Dow - 1 week behind the Ftse ?

The ftse100 chart  (middle one) posted yesterday showed a wedge and channel overthrow and break backdown into the channel.The Dow has same overthrow but hasn't broken down yet.

Friday 29 October 2010

Thursday 28 October 2010

Wednesday 27 October 2010



This is chart at Tuesdays close.FTSE is currently trading below the 10x1 and parabolic SAR,we need to wait till the close  for confirmation.FTSE led markets lower in April (although the "BP effect" may have been partly responsible



I posted this chart some months ago and it seems to be panning out quite well,which is disappointing given the strong value story for Japanese stocks




Tuesday 26 October 2010

10 year cycle

Implies low in October 2012 ?

Put/Call ratio chart from Ron Walker thechartpatterntrader.com


The 3rd ingredient ?

In my post on the Dow Jones on Saturday I said we had 2 of the ingredients for a reversal,time and price.On Monday a lot of markets posted dojis or inverted hammers (shooting stars),so it is possible that the 3rd ingredient ,pattern,may now be forming.Candlestick reversal patterns need to be confirmed with a lower close and of course we have more POMO days ahead of the mid-term elections so lets watch and see


Sunday 24 October 2010




Backtest of trendline,3 year cycle,6 month cycle,Gann doubling from low ?