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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Dax Gann lines


Monday 30 May 2011

...this is a more bullish chart of the Ftse.........bears need to break the 20x1and 200 dma



Head and shoulders top developing ?


The 13  and 34 dema's give good trend change signals,especially when they follow a decent chart pattern like a double top,broken wedge etc


We nailed the top on this some weeks ago,using a combination of Gann and EW techniques.The next stage would be for a bear cross of the ma's signalling the double top pattern complete

Sunday 29 May 2011


Dow 60 weeks cycle

This cycle reinforces some of the other ones highlighted in previous posts.........low on the 50x1 ?


 Gapped down from the price/time cycle


12 and 6 month cycles...

what dollar rally ?

the good burghers of Switzerland may be forgiven for missing the dollar rally .....!





 Low on the 9 month Gann cycle (270 deg)  but is it just a c/t ?  21 td hits on Wednesday



  and a chart from Gann360 


Antofagasta - gap fill,neckline test

Looks like C of an ABC correction and neckline test.This view does not allow for much further upside



I believe FTSE been undergoing distribution since early January.Bulls will argue we are consolidating above support before the next push and that the 200 dma is rising strongly underneath.We should soon find out which view is correct

Soybeans square of 80

watching to see if this square of the range based on the square of 80 produces a trend change .


Saturday 28 May 2011


well I thought we had a high at 250 on 180 td but its broken out....



the Nasdaq charts look very bearish and risk reward for shorts is attractive 


FTSE - bear set-up

if this is a 3rd LH we can expect acceleration down according to Gann's rule,the more so as the bigger pattern is itself a triple top


 this is the chart posted May 7th....not sure whether we will reach 41 but obviously profits can be protected with stops now


3 times the base

3 times the first range (or base) sometimes stops the market.Third fanline broken ?

SPX cycles

obviously,since first posted we have broken down from the channel,making it more likely the cycle cluster is a low 



so far the high established around the 12 month and 45 week cycles is still intact and price has remained beneath the LHBH


FTSE mvg ave only chart

90 dma rolling over ,2nd bear cross ?