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Saturday 31 December 2011

bears need blue trendline to effect a reversal.Candle 2 weeks ago was a bullish weeky engulfing.Most charts I see are suggesting a reversal but this one is more positive...lets wait for clarity

This time cycle offers hope that the reversal might be imminent

what the smart guys are buying




I know there are Elliotwave counts calling for a bottom but the Gann lines are not confirming it yet



Happy New Year !

and thanks to all who have stopped by to read my blog and especially to those who have given feedback !

Have just been reading Martin Armstrong so not feeling terribly positive..........still,as the Buddhists say "No drop of snow ever falls in the wrong place"   !

Ftse Rainbow chart

Friday 30 December 2011


Heikin-ashi chart of cable.Break down from triangle imminent ?


Thursday 29 December 2011

we got a bullish hammer on gold today,close enough to the Gann 90 time cycle off the Sep low.Also tagged the lower triangle t/l.I am not taking this trade (I don't feel covinced the low is in yet) but there is a bull setup with s/l under today's low.

IHG gap fill

filled gap and tagged upper bollinger band.I am anticipating a BIG move down in this stock,which is also quoted in the US.

post script...I have just learned that this is one of Killick stockbrokers' tips for 2012........a nice contest for TA vs fundamental analysis !!


this is gold in sterling,with some Gann cycles (3,6 and 12 months from previous pivots)

If you are feeling bearish there are some very good charts in this post by AVBursch  http://thegreatbearmarket-avbursch.blogspot.com/2011/12/waterfall-decline-ahead.html


Dow short-term signal triggered

I posted this chart this morning and today we got the reversal candle below the 3 dma.A simple enough signal with the virtue of being able to accomodate a very close stop.There is a triple top now in place and we are close enough to the Gann cycle cluster I posted earlier for this to materialise into a longer-term signal.Much will probably depend on developments in Europe,where the currency was very weak today (as was cable) From a Gann point of view we can look at 1225 (12250 here) which is the square of 35 and important on the square of nine,as the level where the market met resistance.From a TA pov we can also look at the 200 dma,both adding weight to the signal.

Wednesday 28 December 2011


 Gloomy but accurate (I believe) article from John Browne,some excerpts below

As the year draws to a close, understandable confusion reigns in the minds of many investors. While short-term indicators, such as consumer confidence, appear to beckon recovery, the longer-term strategic issues remain shrouded in the smoke and mirrors of central bank monetary manipulation. From the perspective of someone who has keenly observed global economics for more than a half century, I see little reason to believe that our economic morass will soon improve. Indeed, I do not believe we will see meaningful change until the Bretton Woods era of U.S. dollar dominated paper money finally comes to an end. In other words, our current experiment in unlimited monetary expansion will continue until it explodes.

American and European Union politicians have shown utter paralysis in tackling intractable economic problems. Unwilling to make the tough decisions they all know should be enacted to avoid a looming global economic disaster, they have endlessly kicked the can down the road, while assuming that the road will go on forever. With an estimated $6 trillion plus solvency shortfall of the Eurozone banks and $16 trillion in U.S. public debt, it will take leadership of far greater caliber to avert a disaster. Such leadership is nowhere to be seen.

 Unless major structural changes in fiscal policies are combined with sustained economic improvements, there is a significant likelihood that the euro will disintegrate in the coming years. As the world's second currency, its demise would herald unprecedented bank runs and financial chaos. Following an initial rise, the U.S. dollar may face widespread pressure as investors realize that the dollar too is built on a foundation of sand. Although I continue to be amazed by the ability of bankers and politicians to delay this day of reckoning, I know instinctively that their power is finite.

measured move on FTSE monthly swings

 I checked back on a longer term chart and this range has been evident before,so worth watching if  we continue to decline


chart from Gann360



Dow short-term signals

This is a good post by David Knox Barker


Tuesday 27 December 2011



Tim Price  :

QE is a Ponzi scheme designed to please one powerful constituency – the City of London. David Stockman was director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Reagan administration. He was a key member of Ronald Reagan’s financial team. Here is what he said recently about quantitative easing, as practised in the US and the UK:

These [QE] programmes… are simply designed to… keep the stock indexes going up, [in the hope that] somehow that will fool the people into thinking they are wealthier and they will spend money. The people aren’t buying that. Main Street is not stupid enough to believe that engineered rallies as a result of QE stimulus are making them wealthier and so they should go out and buy another Coach bag. This is really crazy stuff... I think the Fed is injecting high grade monetary heroin into the financial system of the world, and one of these days it is going to kill the patient.”

I agree with him. And I believe that QE is dangerous for a number of other reasons:

  • QE badly distorts capital markets, particularly those for government bonds, giving a false sense of market strength.

  • It is inflating yet another asset bubble – what would be the third in just over a decade.
  • It insidiously devalues the pound. So it destroys – not creates – wealth.

Gann cycle cluster


The decline in coffee looks like a bullish wedge pattern.End of January may be a time to watch for low.

On the Gann fans chart coffee is firmly entrenched in a declining 1x1 channel and in weak position below the rising 1x8 angle.So I would anticipate weakness into the end of the month then watch to see if we can reverse


What would the Iron Lady do ?


Monday 26 December 2011


Head and shoulders pattern ? Needs to break above the declining Gann line and recover the 34 dema for any kind of bullish possibilty

Moon phase chart from Francois Bussiere

Charts from Ron Walker (thechartpatterntrader.com ).Ron points out in his video that last week's rally on light volume has turned the swing indicators like NYSI and BPI positive and that we could potentially push higher  to the next resistance levels.However we also have a bearish rising wedge on the intraday charts so the market needs to be watched carefully the next 2 weeks.It does look as if a top is very near though.

Sunday 25 December 2011

Saturday 24 December 2011



I like Google's long-term chart but think we could get a pull back soon if /when the rising wedge breaks.We have an equal range time period that is also a Gann 180 approaching which may mark a high. 640 is square of 80.

another Gann square on AAPL




FTSE Retail sector


Ftse Gann lines

Friday 23 December 2011

not sure how much I trust a signal after hours on Dec 23rd but it is what it is....TAS signal triggered (short). (We spent at least twice as much time rallying after the correction but failed to clear the high....(in this case a marginal new high was made but then promptly reversed) )

New Year Fireworks ?

Sqwii has some interesting volatility charts on his website  (see blog list). The Vix has been amazingly subdued given all that is going on but the charts are suggesting that may be about to change


Dow AH - TAS setup

we declined 3 bars - correction in an uptrend so the TAS setup is to rally for at least as twice as long in time without making a high and then reverse,which would be the sell signal.

Faber on fine form....


Thursday 22 December 2011

African Barrick

I would wait for a green bar on the weekly before buying probably but I think we are close



Gold Gann 90 cycle

This cycle aligns with the equinox/solstice "natural" cycle